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What is the best mat for a 2017 Ram 1500 truck bed?

A 2017 Ram truck owner dislikes spray-in bed liners. He asks other owners what is the best mat to buy for his truck?

The question came up in one of the most popular truck forums. A Texas driver has a new 2017 Ram 1500 on order and asks, “I don't care for spray in liners. Anyone know who makes a good mat ?” The answers came in, more quickly than you could spray in a bedliner!

Yankee responded, “Bedrug makes a product that almost looks like carpeting, but is actually a soft plastic compound.” Yankee added, “They also make a bed mat just for the floor of the bed.” He also pointed out that other suppliers, like WeatherTech, also make mats just for the floor of the bed.

Bubba who apparently has a Husky bedliner suggested that the Texas buyer check out the full range of products on Amazon or Ebay.

Norton says that Ram offers the perfect one. “I bought the OEM RAM rubber mat and really like it, not the cheapest, but perfect fit, and well made. I also like the large RAM logo in the center.”

The products are very popular. A Vermont truck owner says he has been happy with his. “I have the Bed Rug too and love it!”

While a Florida driver also votes for the Mopar version. “Also have the mopar bed mat, very heavy duty.”

Steve, who has a 2015 Ram suggests another supplier. “Check out Summit Racing. I got my 8' rubber mat for under $70.”

A South Carolina Ram owner offers a warning. “I have the bed rug and it is nice. My complaint with it is it may not absorb water but it holds water. I've only had it since December so time will tell. I do wish I would have gone with a drop in liner.”

Yankee adds, “Drop in liners get debris under them, then they get moisture under them, then they get rust under them. They should be removed once or twice a year to give the bed a good cleaning.”

A Canadian member of the forum says he is very pleased with the mat that he just installed. “I just installed the Mopar OEM mat. I did not install the mat on the tailgate cause I did not want to drill into it. Mine says Dodge not Ram but it fits perfect and is heavy duty.” This is interesting because Ram became its own division a few years ago, but clearly they have continued the Dodge brand name on some merchandise.

After all of the suggestions, the Texas driver says he has made a decision and he agrees with the Canadian truck owner. “That's exactly what I’m doing. I don't want a tailgate mat even for free.”

Sounds like that driver will be ready as soon as his 2017 Ram 1500 hits the dealer’s lot!