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What is the best back seat cover for dogs in a Ram truck?

Anyone who loves their dogs and loves their truck eventually ends up asking the question. What is the best seat cover to protect the back seat from wear-and- tear from my dog?

A Connecticut Ram owner, who goes by Tattwo, asks the question about seat covers. He drives a 2013 Ram and hopes to keep it looking its best. “Any recommendations on a dog seat cover? I’m looking to protect the back seat as much as possible. Thanks.”

Surprisingly, there is a wide range of seat covers out there. Many are very specific because they fit over bench seats, bucket seats and every variation of seat produced. It also can get complicated because often you need to accomodate both the dog and passengers.

A South Carolina driver says he just found one on sale at Sam’s for $20. “It's hard to find a cover fitting over the truck bench, because usually they're either too short or too expensive.The one I bought is about 1 inch on either side short- but It's better than anything I tried before. The only thing is- the straps for the head rests are not on a very great spot, but they are expandable and you can set them all the way out, so it will fit and hold.”

Paratroop, from Florida, decided on the Waglii Non-Slip Waterproof Rear Bench Pet Seat Cover with Hammock, because it says it will cover the entire back seat. He ordered from Amazon and also bought other seat covers. “I also got CoverKing Cordura Seat Covers for the front and back (one of mine refuses to jump in the rear door, will do it in the front then go over the console).”

There are some seat covers that have hammocks to protect the floor as well as the seat. Some suppliers also make door covers to protect from Rover scratching the interior when he looks out the window.

A Virginia dog trainer recommends a cover from “I use this company. Not cheap but you get what you pay for. Mine covers the entire back seat to include the seatbelt holder in the seats. I would not mine exposed for the dog to chew on. Mine hooks to the rear headrests and the two front headrests. Protects the seat and keeps the dog from falling in the gap.”

Rado, from Maine, says he has luck keeping it simple. “I picked up a plastic mattress protector for a single and covered the seat with excess, on top of the a blanket,, works good so far.”

Thunder says he has had great luck with the CoverKing Cordura seat covers. “You will be pleased, I have had mine since November 2013 and they have no noticeable wear on them-they wear like iron and fit great.”

A Wisconsin driver who loves to hunt says “I have Wet Okole seat covers in both the front and rear. They are waterproof neoprene, fit perfect and have many options to suit your needs. They are pricey though, and the front ones reduce some of the heat felt from heated seats but those are the only negatives. I put in black and gray, that is pretty close to the factory colors. They are easy to clean and don't need to removed, which is good since you won't be removing them easily!”

It is fascinating but almost overwhelming to see how many options are available. Orvis, Carhartt, Solve It and several other companies make seat covers specifically for dogs as well. Mopar probably makes one that fits the truck to exact specifications. I found a quick check of Drs. Foster and Smith and have dozens of styles available. I’m sure Amazon will as well.

The seat covers will keep your dog from ruining the seats. They will also make it much easier to keep the truck clean. Hopefully, they improve your best friend’s traction, so he is safer as well!