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What is the best aftermarket blind spot mirror for a Ram Truck?

Not all Ram Trucks were available with matching towing mirrors. A number of companies have manufactured custom blind-spot mirrors that you can add to your existing mirrors.

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I was stunned by the number of questions about blind spot mirrors on different Ram Truck forums. Apparently some of the more recent Ram trucks do not have options for tow mirrors, as one driver found out. “It didn't come with tow mirrors. And, according to the dealer, there are no upgrades. I am stuck with a truck made to pull everything you put behind it...but with dinky mirrors.”

I found at least nine different threads on Ram truck forums and one had sixty pages of responses. The frustration with blind spot mirrors and their availability appears universal. A quick google search finds more than a dozen different options, ranging in price from a couple of dollars to a couple hundred dollars for total mirror replacements. One Ram owner says “I too have noticed GMs and F-150s have the built in blind spot mirror. I always wondered why ram never got one.”

Another owner expresses his frustration. “In my 2014 Dodge Durango, i splurged and bought OEM European Convex mirrors with blindspot. Definitely improved over regular mirrors. Haven't found anything yet for the ram.”

It appears a rather ingenious fellow named Wade came up with a design of his own for blind spot mirrors and asked the forums if they should go into production. “I have a 2014 Big Horn 6.7L Not happy with any other solution, I decided to make a custom fit Blind Spot Mirror...and I love it. Question: Is there a market for this or am I the only one who would enjoy a custom fit blind spot mirror?”

Wade’s response was overwhelming! And over the next dozens of pages on the Ram truck forum, he refined his designs, coming up with two different blind spot mirrors, depending on what the driver prefers. The more recent design is the one shown in the picture. They are beveled to adhere to the stock mirror and look like they are close to original equipment. A Ram driver from Wisconsin posted this on November 1st. “Got mine today, there bigger than I thought they would be, which is a good thing. I'll be hauling my trailer home this weekend so I'll see how well they work.”

The product is versatile enough that it can be placed at the top or bottom of the mirror for help wherever the driver needs. A Michigan owner says, “Spent a fair amount of time trying them in both locations, I chose the top. Let's me see road and still gives me the width of the mirror where I want it. Lastly, if you look at most OEM truck mirrors with this feature, you will see them on the top.”

Wade has a website selling the blind spot mirrors for $19.99 a pair. It turns out that Wade has created other aftermarket products as well. His cell phone holder looks like it has been a popular seller across the country. These particular blind spot mirrors are available through Other products are also easily available through Amazon or Google.

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