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What are the best replacement running boards for a 2014 Ram 1500

A loyal Ram owner is looking to replace his running boards after an accident. He reaches out to other Ram drivers asking for their recommendations.

A New Hampshire truck owner is looking to replace the running boards on his 2014 Ram 1500. Frank asks, “I was recently involved in a minor accident and one of the casualties sustained was a dent in my running board. When I bought the truck it came with after market Westin's, the kind that curl under the truck and I never liked them. Now, with the accident I can change them. I looking for the type that is flat, comes in a brushed type of finish that will better match my sport wheels, and where the top is completely covered by the rubber or plastic tread. I found something I like in a product called iBoard. Does anyone here have any experience with them? Can anyone recommend something similar?”

Tom, from South Carolina, had recently dealt gotten the 5” iBoards and seemed pleased. “I installed these on my Ram a few weeks ago. I like them, they weren't expensive, not too hard to install (I did it in an evening after work). Although the bracket design I received wasn't the same as some of the videos I saw, it wasn't very hard to figure out. I'm 215lb and notice no flex when I step on the boards. Wife approves and makes it a lot easier for her to get in the truck.”

Rad says, “I just went with the OEM wheel to wheel. I am 220 and the OEM Boards I just put on are Rock Solid FYI and come in Black or Chrome.”He was very pleased with how his worked out.

At least two forum members like running boards from Amp. “For looks it's pretty hard to beat the Amp PowerSteps.”

A Ram owner from North Dakota really likes his “Luverne Omega steps.” They are an interesting design because they have perforations, allowing any snow or ice to melt off.

A Wisconsin Ram owner suggested that Frank check out running boards from They have running boards that don’t require you to drill into your vehicle to attach them. I would be concerned about how much weight they would support but they were well-received at the SEMA show so they might work out fine.

Thunder, from North Carolina, recommends sticking with items made specifically for your truck. “I recommend the OEM ones. My dad and I both have them (his are on his 2009 Ram) and they are rock solid and look good.In comparison to some of the aftermarket boards I have seen (especially the cheap ones) the OEMs distribute weight over a larger area along the rocker panels; some of the aftermarket board brackets do not and will crack the rocker panels.”

Frank didn’t indicate how he was leaning. It will be interesting to see if he goes with the iBoards that originally caught his eye.