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Three 2020 Jeep Gladiator Exclusives That You Will Love

After waiting 27 years to bring back a pickup, Jeep is going all out to make sure the 2020 Jeep Gladiator stands out in the mid-size market. We look at three special touches that you didn't know you needed, but you will love!


Driving the 2020 Jeep Gladiator is great fun but it is the special touches that many drivers will really get a kick out of. While some cynics may think that the Gladiator is just a Wrangler with a pickup bed attached, Jeep Gladiator Brand Manager Brandon Girmus stresses that Jeep wanted this to be the best Jeep and the best-in-class mid-size pickup. The 2020 Jeep Gladiator promises best-in-class towing and best-in-class payload.

Fun and Functional Gladiator Exclusives

I must admit my personal favorites are some of the gizmos that Jeep added to make the 2020 Jeep Gladiator fun and functional. Everyone knows that people can’t wait to get the Gladiator dirty and truly test out its off-road ability. Jeep is more than ready and even built a camera into the front grille so that drivers know exactly what is ahead of them. Jeep also built a camera lens washer into the grille, so no matter how dirty you get the Gladiator, you can still get a great view of what’s ahead. No more getting out to clean off the lens, the washer is controlled through the interior infotainment screen. Clever and useful.

Three Position Tailgate

The wheel wells do eat into space in the pickup bed but Jeep has found a way around that.
The Jeep Gladiator offers a unique tailgate setting. Drivers can use special tie-downs to lower the tailgate to a 45-degree setting. When the tailgate is locked in this mid-gate setting, the top of the tailgate lines up with the wheel wells in the pickup bed, giving drivers a way to carry plywood or other construction necessities.

Portable, Rechargeable Speaker

Another fun feature that outdoor lovers will enjoy is a special portable blue-tooth speaker built into the back. The portable speaker sits behind the rear seat in its own charging station. When it is docked in the charging station, it acts as a tenth integrated speaker. However, the speaker can easily be pulled out and used outside the truck. It pairs with your smartphone and can provide music out at the campfire or on the beach. You can even get it wet, within reason. Rechargeable and portable, you will wonder how you lived without it, especially when you stop for that impromptu picnic or beach party. Jeep also built in extra hidden, locking, storage under the back seats, so that you can go out surfing or hiking and not have to take all your valuables with you!

The 2020 Jeep Gladiator also comes with all of the fun bells and whistles that Jeep lovers appreciate, like easily removable roofs and doors. Fuel economy is 17 MPG city and 22 MPG highway on the automatic, so it is more than respectable. I think it is the little things that will set the Gladiator apart and show aficionados that Jeep set out to make Gladiator more than just a pretty grille, but a true, functional mid-size truck!