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Ram Opening Up More Reservations for the Ram 1500 REV EV

Ram is telling its insiders that subscribed to updates about its new Ram 1500 REV BEV that the truck will be making an appearance at the New York International Auto Show this week. Ram is also offering its insiders a special chance to get on the reservation list to buy the electric truck.

An email sent out to the Ram 1500 REV insider program is giving the group inside information about the New York International Auto Show, this week. Ram revealed the production EV vehicle in an advertisement during the Super Bowl. It sounds like the public will be able to see the truck in person at the New York Show. Plus, insiders are receiving a special offer.

Ram 1500 REV in the New York International Auto Show

Ram was stunned at how quickly reservations for its new BEV pickup were snapped up after the truck debuted. Even though, the company has never confirmed exactly how many preorders were taken, it was quickly considered a sellout. Ram has promised that when the Ram REV arrives, it will outdo its competition on range, towing, payload and charge time. The company’s first BEV is expected to debut at the end of 2024 as a 2025 model. Reservations for the EV sold out in five days and now the company is slowly releasing more information about new truck to its hardcore enthusiasts.

Ram announced today that it is expecting huge interest in the truck, in New York this week, and will open up more preorder spots. The New York International Auto Show has long been considered the show where the auto companies try to prove their viability to Wall Street and the financial analysts. It makes sense that Ram is showing Wall Street that it will make the switch to EVs and is planning for the future.

“To anticipate additional demand expected after the Ram 1500 REV is publicly revealed at the New York Auto Show on April 5th, additional preorder slots have been opened.”

The Special Offer for Ram Insiders

“For a limited time, Ram Revolution Insiders like you have the first chance to become a Ram 1500 REV Insider+ member and secure your spot for a preorder.”

“You only have 24 hours of early access so don't miss out. Not only will you get your spot in line to preorder the Ram 1500 REV, you'll get access to more exclusive events, new Ram 1500 REV information as it is released, first-ever test drive opportunities and the earliest access to additional preorder details and information.”

Ram Slowly Releasing More Details about the Ram 1500 REV BEV

About a month ago, I detailed some of the information that Ram gave insiders about the Ram REV’s charging and interior upgrades. Ram has been sharing that information first with its group, even before it issues press releases on the truck. It is unclear how much access the public will have to the truck at the New York Auto Show. If the vehicle is up on a riser and cordoned off, it may be hard to see the interior.

If you are interested in getting on the preorder list or getting insider information about the Ram 1500 REV BEV, now is your chance to get on the list.

We’ll have more details about all of the happenings in New York.

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