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The Ram 1500 Takes a Huge Step in the Tailgate Battle

As all of the truck makers battle for pickup supremacy, Ram and Mopar have designed an affordable new retractable step to help with virtually any type of tailgate.

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With all of the auto companies vying to sell as many trucks as possible, creature comforts and accessories are valuable assets. Ram and its aftermarket division Mopar have devised new ways to add retractable steps to the 2020 Ram 1500 and its brawnier brothers. The step will make getting into and out of the truck bed easier.

New Retractable Step Works with Multifunction Tailgate

The newly designed retractable step will work especially well with the 2020 Ram 1500’s new multifunction tailgate. The tailgate, which is available as an upgrade, has a 60/40 split and can either swing open like French doors or be used like a regular tailgate. If paired with the multifunction tailgate, the new step is factory mounted in the center of the back. If ordered with a regular tailgate, it is mounted off to the side near the corner of the bumper. The key, to me, is the affordability. The new retractable step is $395. The step that can be added to the regular tailgate is $365.

“Mopar offers more than 600 quality-tested, factory-backed parts and accessories across the entire Ram lineup,” said Mark Bosanac, Head of Mopar Service, Parts and Customer Care, FCA – North America. “Our retractable bed step further enhances the convenience and utility of Ram’s industry-leading cargo management and storage system.”

All of the Detroit Three have versions of a multifunction tailgate and available steps but the other trucks are more expensive than the Ram. Ram has always prided itself on trying to provide luxury and innovation to truck buyers at more affordable prices. The Ram 1500’s available multifunction tailgate with the 60/40 split doors opens nearly 90 degrees. That makes it easy to load and unload larger items. It even allows you to use a forklift for loading. With one quick push of the foot, the available Mopar bed step deploys from underneath the rear bumper to offer a firm foothold.

The Step Specs

  • The step that fits the multifunction tailgate is made of high-strength aluminum with a black e-coat finish and is rated for 350 pounds.
  • The step that fits with the standard tailgate lowers down for easy access and retracts back to stored position within the bumper. The step is load-rated up to 350 pounds.
  • The step that fits with the Ram 1500 Classic swings out from the driver’s side corner of the rear bumper and retracts back to its stored position. Designed to fit single or dual-exhaust models, the step is load-rated up to 300 pounds.
  • There is even a step designed for the Ram Heavy Duty models. The Mopar bed step is manufactured from high-strength aluminum with a black powder-coat finish and load-rated to support up to 350 pounds. Similar to all Mopar bed steps, it lowers down for easy access and retracts back under the rear bumper when not in use.

According to Ram, all of the Mopar bed steps are available for purchase as a vehicle option or as a standalone part. The steps can be added when you order your truck and they will be covered under your new vehicle warranty. If you add the step later, you receive the Mopar factory-backed warranty coverage for two years/unlimited miles from date of purchase. I’m not sure if the steps can be added to older trucks.

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