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Owners of 2017 Ram 1500s Are Peeved About Paint Problems

Several owners of 2017 Ram 1500s are furious about paint flaws on their brand new trucks.


A new 2017 Ram 1500 owner, who calls himself Ranger, reached out to a popular truck forum for suggestions about problems with his paint finish. Ranger says, “Waited over a year to select what I believed was the best light duty pickup for me, a 2017 1500 4x4 Laramie Longhorn. I loved the Delmonico Red and found one about two hours from my home. Bought it and super satisfied with purchase until my first wash this weekend. There on the roof of the crew cab was a 1 foot circumference of tiny air bubbles in the paint. Had to be standing in the bed to see them and they can be felt running your hand over them. Called dealer and they say it has to be brought in to photo, send to Chrysler and wait for their decision what to do. The truck has 300 miles on it and I am guessing they will require me to have it brought in for warranty body work and paint. Any suggestions or experience with an issue like this? It's brand new!”

2017 Ram 1500 Drivers say Paint Flaws are Fairly Common

Other drivers immediately reached out. Ram, from northern California says, “Sorry to hear that. Definitely not a normal situation. They’ll re-paint it. My front bumper cap (painted piece above front chrome bumper) had to recently be repaired/repainted due to damage received either in transit to dealership or on dealer lot. They really looked long and hard as to whether to cover it, but I put my foot down (especially after just purchasing a truck stickered at over 50K, paid 18K less, which was a steal). They agreed and sent the truck off to be repaired at their preferred body shop on their dime (free rental vehicle for me and I made them program the daytime running led’s on it too). They did a great job and didn’t pay a dime.”

A Massachusetts Ram owner had a similar issue. “I have 3 spots on my rear passenger side door (crew cab). They are about 2" x 2" each where they look "cloudy". My guess is when getting painted at the factory, there were a few bubbles, so they were squirted with a quick blast. My truck is True Blue Pearl coat. The metallic that pops in the sunlight really makes these spots stand out. I may have a good friend that owns a body shop take a look at it. If it can be wet sanded and buffed, I may have it done. If you plan to keep your truck (mine is leased) then I would absolutely have it fixed. It may not be visible all the time, but you know its there, and it will drive you nuts.”

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Thunder, who is a frequent poster, says, “Unfortunately Warren Truck has the oldest paint shop of any Chrysler assembly plant. Its chain driven and due for an update as part of the production plant shuffle. On the plus side, when Ram production moves to Sterling Heights Assembly for the 5th gens in model year 2019 they will have a brand new state of the art paint shop. Warren Truck Assembly has been building Dodge and Ram trucks for nearly 80 years since 1938 (12,500,000 of them as of 2015), and the paint shop was last renovated in 1997. I have a couple dust nibs in one of my doorsills, but nothing to be concerned about like your issue OP. My Durango that was built at the Jefferson North plant also has nice paint with the exception of a small run on the roof that is noticeable when your face is 8" away while waxing it.”

Paint Problems should be Fixed Under Warranty

Magna, from Toronto, has similar paint issues. “My new 17 is in the shop now for a damaged A pillar. I noticed a couple days after picking it up paint was peeling off with rust underneath . It was covered up with touch up paint that neither the dealer nor the manufacturer would take responsibility for. In the long run the dealer took it upon themselves to pay for it but it took a lot of bitching from me.”

A Nebraska owner is disappointed to hear that the paint problems continue. He was upset about his 2012 Ram. “I just found this thread doing a search for "paint". I had planned to post a question asking if by chance the paint out of the Warren plant had improved. I'd really like to buy a new Ram. My 2012 Ram now has 103,000 miles on it, but no way will I buy now. My 2012 Ram had 79 dirt nibs in its paint...every body panel except the tailgate. I wet sanded and polished each one out. While having some minor body work done, the body shop techs discovered that my Ram had two complete coats of base coat and clear coat. They said it must have been run through the factory paint booth twice.”

Ranger responded to the posters. “Viewed a new post today discussing paint issues on a new 2017 on the hood. This was a similar experience to mine and looks to be same Delmonico Red color. I have still not taken my vehicle in to get the dealer to photo the problem. I am away from home on a job assignment and have not been using the truck. The more I read, the more I dread this process. I'm starting to stew about this a bit also knowing that I just bought a $57k truck that has a major flaw. This should NEVER have been allowed to leave the factory this way. Makes me wonder what else is wrong, but trying to keep a positive attitude.”

Another thread about problems with paint on 2017 Ram 1500s has comments like this one from a Florida owner. “Noticed several bubbles in my paint, primarily on the roof, but also present on every other body panel. Anyone else have signs of what I think is solvent pop?” The dealership told the truck owner, Bulb, to take his new vehicle to a body shop for an estimate. “35% of roof is covered in these mysterious dots, A-Pillars, a couple dots on each bed side, numerous dots in door jambs. Pretty bummed that a $40k plus vehicle has to be painted when I've only had it 2 months.”

Bulb got his answer. “Just got back from body shop and Chrysler was sent the quote of $6K for complete paint job minus hood and tailgate. It was indeed solvent pop and is something that cannot be buffed out.”

It is very frustrating to have a brand new vehicle and discover major flaws. Ranger has not yet said what the outcome of his problem is. At least the Florida owner is on the road to having his paint finish repaired.


mark cleaner (not verified)    December 13, 2017 - 6:59PM

My 2017 ram 1500 appears to have 2 doors damaged (crew cab) and repainted. After further looking by two different body shops (one the servicing dealer) it appears that as much as 75-80% of the truck has been repainted. The truck was purchased brand new with 5 miles. Anyone else experience that?

Andrew (not verified)    January 28, 2018 - 8:17PM

Purchased 2017 ram 1500 new in November 17 today January 28 noticed tiny rust spots on both front fenders all 4 doors both rear box panels and tail gate going to dealership tomorrow

matt audy (not verified)    April 1, 2018 - 8:19PM

In reply to by Andrew (not verified)

Hi bud I have a 2017 ram and yesterday I noticed about 4 or 5 little rust specs on my door and tailgate after I washed it. What did you do . Did you go to the dealer and what was the result. Please let me know. I'm a little stressed about it.maybe you could send me a email. [email protected]

jorge (not verified)    April 9, 2018 - 5:27PM

In reply to by matt audy (not verified)

Just came back from the dealer and they claim it's "rail dust" from the trains when the truck was delivered. They are looking into it but a couple local paint shops said it needs to be sanded down and repainted. My chrome bumpers are also turning rusty. The dealer claims that a compound buffing will take care of it but had no answer when I said it's already been done.

Scott Mazey (not verified)    April 23, 2018 - 7:15PM

In reply to by matt audy (not verified)

Almost took delivery of a new 2017 Ram 3500 today until pre-delivery inspection when we noticed several rust dots on the tailgate. Salesman said train rail-dust on the clear coat? Did not take delivery. We will see what they say and do to fix this. I'm feeling very uneasy about this. Most expensive vehicle I have ever bought, and then this? WTH

Michelle (not verified)    March 16, 2021 - 9:57PM

In reply to by Joseph nocerino (not verified)

Sadly no. I got a very long run around and then they tried to tell me my truck was already painted. I asked them to prove it, but they couldn’t.
So pissed that I have to get it painted at my expense when it is a manufacturer issue.

jorge (not verified)    April 7, 2018 - 11:40PM

In reply to by Andrew (not verified)

I have a white 2016 3500 single cab with 12,000 miles and have rust spots everywhere, on all fenders, both doors and the hood......I noticed it today when I washed it. I literally have hundreds, if not thousands on each fender and door - I will be paying dodge a visit tomorrow.

jon burris (not verified)    March 13, 2019 - 9:06AM

In reply to by Andrew (not verified)

My 2015 Ram 2500 (white) has that same issue.Rust specs all the way around. I blame myself for buying it at dusk but did not notice the rust spots until to late. I now have owned it a little less than a year and since the winter salt has been on it its OUT OF CONTROL. I've been searching for a recall on the paint job it but nothing yet. Love the truck other than that.

Andrew (not verified)    March 19, 2018 - 10:13PM

I just purchased a 2018 ram rebel in granite crystal along with a 2018 grand Cherokee in silver, both brought Home and waxed, grand Cherokee feels like glass, ram on the other hand paint is rough there’s spots that look cloudy under the clear and the rear end looks like it was under salt water for a year pretty unacceptable for any brand new vehicle let alone 50k+

Mike pratt (not verified)    April 5, 2018 - 3:52PM

I have a 2017 ram big horn crew cab, seen spots in the paint took to dealer and they found spots all over truck, looks like rust spots to me, but I'm not a car body guy, they said they will repaint, my concern is will truck be as solid as new after they take everything apart to paint. wanted to trade in for a 18 but dealer will not deal with me. very frustrated. wondering what to do next????????

Josue Rodriguez Soto (not verified)    April 16, 2018 - 9:33PM

In reply to by Mike pratt (not verified)

Bought a brand new Ram 1500 Night Edition with 470 miles on it . There was a lot of problems with the paint including rust. Dealer estimate was almost 10,000 dollars. Truck was repainted. Rust came back 3 times . Also the driver side step bar was replaced due to rust. Right now Iam waiting to take the truck back to the dealer . More rust problems. Now a bold that hold a bracket on the back bumper is rusted and the rust is damaging the bumper paint . It needed to be repainted when the truck had 643 miles on the odometer, now it have 6,900 .

Dempsey no Barsh (not verified)    April 27, 2018 - 11:52AM

I have a 2018 Ram Laramie Delmonico Red Pearl Coat which has paint issues also. I have cloudy looking circles 2-3 inches in diameter as well as cloudy areas in different areas on the truck. There are also bumps in the paint and divets on all areas of the truck. Have brought up problems with the dealer and Chrysler Customer Care. The area Customer Care Representative from St. Louis came down to look after dealer service manager took and sent pictures to her. She sent pictures she and dealer took to Digital Imaging Dept. I want Ed it repainted/repaired. At this time they are not willing to do so due to not seeing problems in pictures. I will continue until I have problems resolved. Vehicle other issues that have been resolved. Vehicle should have not been released from factory by Quality Control.

Pissed Off (not verified)    September 7, 2018 - 10:00PM

In reply to by Dempsey no Barsh (not verified)

My Dodge Ram has a cloudy appearance also on the front hood apex leading edge area. It came off with spit shine. I tried the same thing with plastic grill adjacent to the hood paint defect. The paint came off down to the primer. Dealer and Dodge stating its external chemical foreign material that caused the paint degradation and they are not responsible. Would like to post a picture to get opinions. Don't know how to do this on thread. Notably the dealer took photos because I think they know the peeling is unusual, This company has been bailed out twice by the tax payers. Maybe Uncle Sam will let them die next time.

Timmy Sosebee (not verified)    October 3, 2019 - 2:50PM

In reply to by Dempsey no Barsh (not verified)

Could you tell me whatever came of this? I have the same color in a 2500 mega cab and dealing with the same issues. I have solvent pops all over the truck. It is still under warranty but they keep giving me the run around. I just brought in an attorney to help me this week.

Prican (not verified)    May 28, 2018 - 6:58PM

I bought a 2017 Ram 1500 crew cab sport. Bought the truck brand new with 470 miles. At 670 miles I noticed problems with the paint. Dust, rust, and front driving light misaligned. After going back and forward with Chrysler the truck was repainted. After repainting rust showed up several times , and was fix . Now again rust is showing through a bolt on the back bumper. This is the second truck I had paint issues with . I bought a 2016 and was repurchased by Chrysler too. I love Ram trucks but paint and body problems are an issue

JACK FAULKNER (not verified)    June 27, 2018 - 10:47PM


jack faulkner (not verified)    May 1, 2019 - 9:18AM

In reply to by JACK FAULKNER (not verified)

went thru all channels to resovle problems, no luck at all to resolve paint issues, i have owned several new dodges over the years, never again. morale of the story have a qualified body shop person look trk over before you buy. public un aware of issues at the time of sale. jack

JACK FAULKNER (not verified)    November 1, 2019 - 10:49AM

In reply to by JACK FAULKNER (not verified)

the ruse is dodge/body co. marching orders paint defects are rock chips, defintion can be caused by weather, etc, there hearings are a joke, i won't buy one again, should have body person examine vehicle at time of purchase. i own my own business i have to back my work up. b since posting 18-20 paint flaws went up to well over 60-80

Josue Rodriguez Soto (not verified)    June 27, 2018 - 11:40PM

My entire truck had to be repainted due to rust and bubbles under the paint .as we speak there’s more rust showing on the rear bumper bolt. Went to arbitration and the arbitrator Side it with Chrysler. Vechile have only 10000 miles on it and is under warranty and they still don’t want to fix it claiming I went to a third party . The third party choice was given to me when the truck was repainted . Chrysler now saying i choose a third party and have to deal with them . The issue with the bumper bolt been rusted don’t have anything to do with the paint . I had bought 3 Ram brand new and all had factory problems . They make good looking trucks but the paint quality is poor . Especially trucks made in the mivmchigan plant

NC customer (not verified)    October 4, 2018 - 9:56PM

I have a 2017 Ram 1500 Laramie Eco Diesel in the Brilliant Black Metallic. There are several pieces of trash in the paint, (almost every panel). I am also seeing what appears to be divots in the paint. Thanks to this forum they appear to be called solvent pop. My bumpers are rough on the edges and the grill is rough and seems to be peeling. For a 56,000 vehicle this is unacceptable. I'm sure they will have a time trying to take a digital picture, and claim they can't see anything. Sad thing is this truck runs smooth gets 30mpg or a tad more on the highway.

NC customer (not verified)    October 27, 2018 - 12:11PM

In reply to by NC customer (not verified)

Update on visit: FCA rep looked at truck and offered up to $500 to buff and correct paint. At that time a well respected detail shop looked over the truck and determined that the paint thickness varied from 5.3 to over three times that much. Obliously this truck has had most of the side repainted and done so in a poor manner.

NC customer (not verified)    October 3, 2019 - 7:11PM

In reply to by NC customer (not verified)

Further update: the entire truck was wet sanded by a local body shop. They took pictures sent to FCA almost every panel had trash in the paint. Truck looks good but I hate having to argue with the dealer about what are clearly visible issues with the paint.

Cruz (not verified)    March 7, 2019 - 3:42PM

My 17' ram that I bought new and wash weekly has a lot of what appears to be rust spots that appear in the clear coat of the paint itself (white). They are growing in number and I've never seen anything like this on a new vehicle. Spotted a couple here and there when washing it for the first time and now a year and a few months later, they're almost everywhere, especially on the lower lying body panel areas. Going to take it into the dealer to be looked at. With polishing they do come out but they come back later. This is unacceptable for a vehicle that's just crossing the 2 year mark now and had them from the first month of ownership.

NC customer (not verified)    March 7, 2019 - 8:04PM

Update: agreed to let the body shop buff entire truck. They had the truck nearly a week, no rental offered, no compensation for any gas cost. Truck looks much better. They had to repaint inside door jam, left a tape line which they tried to buff out burned through the paint. Now it is going to be back in the shop for a respray of that area. Honestly think I'm done with Chrysler! IMO overpriced cheaply made product with little to no after care customer service.

Scott Johnson (not verified)    March 16, 2019 - 9:38PM

I have a similarly strange paint problem with my 2017 Ram Longhorn 1500, although, not in as obvious of a location. On the inside of my rear bumper, on both sides of the wrap around to the rear back corner of both fenders, I have a hairline crack that basically developed vertically "just inside" the bumper overlap with the fender. Both have peeled open about a ¼" and some minor surface rust is beginning to show. I just ordered an OEM MOPAR paint chip touchup kit, I think slathering some touchup paint over each will probably do the trick and it will last as long as I own the truck - but annoying nevertheless.

Nancy Penner (not verified)    April 15, 2019 - 8:19PM

Bought a 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 in December 2018. All was fine but just noticed clear coat paint pealing off like scotch tape on tailgate. Took it in and was told that it wasn't covered and I would have to pay to fix it because it was used when I bought it and it could have been repainted so it's not dodges problem it's mine.

Nancy Penner (not verified)    March 17, 2021 - 10:23AM

In reply to by Nancy Penner (not verified)

Update on my Ram 1500. No way was I getting any help from Dodge on this. They just kept saying that I had painted it when I did not and it was the original coating of paint from the dealership. I just couldn't afford the battle or the stress from the battle so I traded it in and got a jeep. I still miss that truck but it turned out not being worth the money or the stress. My jeep is still totally fine in paint and everything else.