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The best fuel additives for a 2017 Ram 1500

Members of a popular forum debate the best fuel additives to increase performance and mileage for a 2017 Ram 1500.


A new Ram owner raised the question on a popular forum. The owner of a 2017 Ram 1500, who calls himself Newbie, asks, “What's everyone running for a fuel additive? What documented or perceived results have you had?”

Another 2017 Ram owner quickly responds. Riccochet says, “I throw a bottle of Lucas upper cylinder lubricant in my tank every 3000 miles or so. I've had good luck with it restoring power and gaining 1-2 mpg. Especially on higher mile engines.”

An owner named Rampant is fond of Amsoil products. He recommends the Performance Improver. It says on the bottle that it can improve mileage up to 5.7 percent.

Another owner recommends RedLine products but doesn’t detail why.

Treating the Whole Fuel System

Burl, who has a 2010 Ram, says the important thing is to make sure you are cleaning the whole system. “Redline S1 or Amsoil PI, both engineered to clean with PEA (polyether amine) and be an upper cylinder lube. Most other PEA cleaners have a fraction what these two have. Always check the msds, PEA % should be noted. Most other cleaners are solvent based not detergent like PEA. Explain how adding a solvent to a solvent will clean better? Sea Foam is great if used in crank case or vacuum straight into combustion chamber. Upper cylinder lubes are great, but you probably don't want to use them on their own long term, maybe run a little techron every couple months if you just use lucas.”Burl goes on to say, “With new ethanol mandates, great to have the upper cylinder lube and cleaner all-in-one.”

Newbie says, “Yeah, that's what I was looking for, a UCL and cleaner all in one. I know the Amsoil is only supposed to be used every 4000 miles. That's one of the reasons I use the Lucas treatment is because any over treatment will not hurt. I'm more concerned about it cleaning away something that shouldn't be cleaned away.”

Rampant rejoins the conversation adding, “According to manufacturers' SDSes, below are the percentages of PEA listed in their products by volume: 1. Amsoil PI- 25-50% 2. Redline S1- 25-35% 3. Lucas DEEP Clean- 10-30%.”

Many drivers start considering additives as we get closer to cold weather, trying to boost performance in their engines as well as getting the best gas mileage possible. Let me know if something works particularly well for you!


JoeyT (not verified)    November 8, 2017 - 6:37PM

Greetings: I own a 2017 Ram 1500 Hemi 5.7. Recently I moved to Nevada from NY. Drove it across country pulling a 6x12 trailer. My rig only had 800 miles when I began my trip. I felt, with such low mileage, use 91 or 93 octane and drive at a maximum speed of 65. Did I do the right thing? I have been using 91 octane since. Should I use the recommended 89 & use Lucas or Amsoil every 4,000 miles? Your opinion will be greatly appreciated.