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Is it safe to use a fix-a-flat type spray in a Ram truck tire?

A Ram truck owner who drives a lot of deserted roads wonders if it is safe to use a fix-a-flat type spray if he is ever in an emergency. Other Ram owners make some suggestions.

A Ram truck owner is concerned about being caught in an emergency situation and wonders if it is safe to use one of the products that claim to inflate a flat tire.

Andy from Arizona asks “I am considering whether to carry a can of this product, since I am 68 years old and drive on desert roads alot. I have already had one flat and found it a struggle to lift and align my spare tire to get on the lugs. In fact, I needed help from a good samaritan. So a product like this seems appealing. If you have used this stuff or a similar product, please comment on your experience with it. Thanks!”

Rambunk from Pennsylvania says “You better carry about 4 or 5 cans of it, one can barely takes care of a toyota prius tire.”

Blue Ghost warns that it can cause quite a mess. “I used on a scion once, it is ok to get you through some tight spots. It is not safe to change tires along a highway, so to get you off its ok. A mess to clean up afterwards I have been told.”

Ramtabulous says he keeps it, but just for emergency situations “I keep a can of the "large tire" version (it's bigger) wrapped under my back seat, not only for me, but for a stranded motorist at night. Can statement claims to be okay to use with TPMSs.

"As stated on the can, it is important to have your tire inspected and repaired as soon as possible and notify the tire care professional that Fix-A-Flat® has been installed. At the time the affected tire is inspected by a tire care professional, they should clean the sealant from the tire, prepare the area and repair with a Rubber Manufacturer’s Association (RMA) approved patch/plug. The TPMS device should also be cleaned off with water to remove any sealant which may have come into contact with the device. After the repaired tire is replaced and inflated the TPMS system will resume operating as normal." I also have a battery operated pump, but it won't seal a puncture like the fix-a-flat does.”

The big concern does appear to be how the spray will affect the TPMS or Tire Pressure Monitor System. It is important to get the chemical removed before it harms the sensor.

Yankee says “FIX a Flat is good in an emergency. After using it you MUST take the tire to a tire repair shop & get the chemical flushed out of it. A better option is to carry a small 12 volt electric compressor & a tire plug kit.”

Hunter also likes the idea of having a plug kit on-board. “A portable air pump and a plug kit would be better. Triple A would be better yet.”

I agree that AAA is the best solution. However, that isn’t always practical, especially on a desert or deserted road. It is always important to put your safety first. Paying to have your tire repaired after using a fix-a-flat type spray is a small price to pay for staying safe in the middle of nowhere!