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How to find the correct wiper blades for a 2016 Ram 1500 truck

It might seem like a silly question, until you try to find the same wiper blades that came on your new truck. A 2016 Ram 1500 truck owner says he tried to order them and got generic replacements.

A 2016 Ram 1500 truck owner from Chattanooga, asked the Ram truck forum members a simple question. “I have found the part number for the factory blades (55277446AA) but when I ordered them from a Dodge dealer I got a generic replacement. I want the factory blades with the "airfoil" look and beefy center connection. Has anyone ordered these online and got the factory blades? If so, where did you get them?”

A Canadian Ram owner quickly responded. “Those wiper blades are called beam wiper blades.” He added that they were available from a company called

The original poster was thrilled to get the information. Chattanooga said, “That looks like what I was looking for! Thanks for the info.”

A Ram owner, who calls himself Yooper, asked, “$30 a piece ! I wonder why they are so expensive?”

Chattanooga isn’t bother by the price. “That's the cost of an oil change. Not a problem for me. If they last 6 months that's $10 a month. Not an issue as far as I am concerned. Most people waste more money than that on other stuff.” Other posters seem to agree. Johnny, from California, replied, “Pretty much the same price for a decent blade at an auto parts store.”

RaceHill, from Florida, says he really likes the wipers that Bosch makes. “I put a set of Bosch Icon wiper blades on my 2014 Ram 1500 and my 2013 Mazda 6, the Bosch blades were airfoil design and worked very good. When it is time to replace the wiper blades on my 2016 Ram I will again go with the Bosch Icon blades.”

Another Ram driver, from Pennsylvania, agrees on the Bosch Icons. “One of the first things I do after buying any vehicle is put on Bosch Icons. They are not cheap, but work great and last longer than most other wipers. Living in the northeast, they are a good winter blade too.”

Thunder, who posts quite frequently, isn’t a fan of the factory blades. He says, “I have heard mixed reviews about the Bosch ones. Trico are pretty good, but the RainX latitudes are the best I've used.”

Crush, from Minnesota, has an interesting take on the Bosch blades. “A note on the ICON blades: You want 2 of the 'A' profile blades, not the 1-A 1-B they recommend. The B is curved too much and doesn't contact the windscreen evenly. Tested on my 2016 and my dad's 2012 with the same results. A profile blades on both sides work great and have lasted over a year now.”

Storm, from Georgia, weighs in with, “I took my factory wiper blades off and put on RainX. I love them.”

While Chattanooga also got a couple of other suggestions, like Michelin wiper blades and Anco, the clear winner of the forum poll was the Bosch Icon, followed by the RainX.

I personally have used the Bosch Icons on my SUV for the last two years, and that’s all I plan to buy from now on.