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Ford is Recalling 2015-2017 Full-Size Transit Vans for Fire Danger

Ford is warning drivers of 2015-2017 Transit Vans to not take any chances and park outside until their vehicles can be repaired. Two vehicles have already caught fire but luckily, no injuries are reported.

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Ford is warning the owners of 73,000 full-size Transit vans that there is a problem that could cause fires or electrical problems. Ford is recalling all 2015-2017 Ford Transit vans that are equipped with trailer tow modules.

Defective Trailer Tow Modules

According to Ford, water can leak into the trailer tow modules and connectors and cause corrosion in the module and electrical wiring.

Significant corrosion could cause serious issues like electrical short circuits, seat belt problems, a burning smell and increased risk of fire, even when the van isn’t running.

Owners may notice electrical problems tied to the corrosion like rapidly flashing turn signals, loss of the dashboard displays, loss of heat and air conditioning controls, and possible problems with the radio, screens and SYNC displays.

Ford is aware of two fires tied to this corrosion issue in Canada. Luckily, no accidents have been reported and no one has been injured.

The Transit vans being recalled include 2015-17 Ford Transit vehicles built at Kansas City Assembly Plant, Feb. 3, 2014 to Aug. 2, 2017.

Because the fires cans happen when the vehicle is turned off, Ford is warning owners to park them outside until they can be repaired. Be careful not to leave the vehicle where it could start something on fire and injure people or animals.

How Ford will Fix the Trailer Tow Module

During the repair, dealers will add a drainage hole to the driver’s door stepwell and add a fuse to the vehicle’s wiring harness. Ford is not saying when the official recall will begin but until it does, customers may ask their dealers to disable the trailer module to eliminate the risk of fire.

The recall involves approximately 73,443 vehicles in North America with 65,206 in the United States and 8,365 in Canada. The Ford reference number for this recall is 17S34. The Transit is Ford's replacement for the full-size Econoline van.

If you drive a 2015-2017 Ford Transit and have questions about the recall, call the automaker at 866-436-7332 and ask about recall number 17S34.

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