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Can GMC Duplicate the 2020 GMC Sierra AT4 Success by Giving all GMC Models the Same Off-Road Option?

The 2019 GMC Sierra saw a big boost in sales numbers after it was built as an off-road vehicle. Now GMC is making sure all of its vehicles can follow the same path.


GMC is declaring the AT4 off-roading package a success and has decided to make it available on all of its vehicles across the board. In an industry where making inroads is incredibly difficult, the GMC Sierra pickup with the AT4 package was a great success. Sales of the 2019 GMC Sierra were up 14 percent and GMC credits much of that growth to the AT4 off-road version. GMC was so impressed with the model’s performance that it has decided to give all of its vehicles the ability to have the AT4 option. This will make GMC the only premium truck and SUV lineup that is designed to be capable of being used on or off-road.

Full GMC Lineup

The GMC lineup includes the smaller 2021 GMC Terrain AT4 SUV, the larger 2021 Acadia AT4, the full-size 2021 Yukon AT4 SUV, 2021 Canyon AT4 mid-size truck, 2021 Sierra AT4 and 2021 Sierra Heavy Duty AT4.

“AT4 continues GMC’s bold entrance into the premium, off-road and adventure- oriented truck and SUV space,” said Phil Brook, vice president of GMC Marketing. “For each of the AT4 variants, we listened to our customers and made sure the vehicles met their active lifestyle needs.”

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Premium Design Draws Premium Buyers

After examining its sales figures, GMC found that the AT4 buyers were younger, active and more well off than its typical truck buyers. They were attracted to the more athletic, aggressive style and definitely wanted the ability to go off-road. GMC has always been the premium truck-line compared to the Chevrolet versions. The AT4 buyers were even wealthier. Every vehicle maker wants to court those buyers.

The AT4 trim package adds tougher exterior trim to make the GMC vehicles more rugged and capable of handling the off-road trails.

According to GMC, the AT4 upgrades include:

  • Sierra AT4 offers a 2-inch factory lift, skid plates, special monotube shocks, a standard MultiPro Tailgate, available Carbon Fiber Bed and available Mud-Terrain tires.
  • Sierra HD AT4 features an off-road suspension, skid plates, special shocks, a standard MultiPro Tailgate and up to 15 innovative camera views that help trailering and boost visibility over rough terrain and in tight corners.
  • Acadia AT4 features an Advanced Twin-Clutch AWD System for increased capability on mixed surfaces, All-Terrain tires and Traction Select with Off-Road Mode.
  • Canyon AT4 comes with off-road tuned suspension, an automatic locking rear differential and 31-inch Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac tires.
  • Yukon AT4 offers air suspension with 4 inches of adjustability, an electronic limited-slip differential and a 15-inch head-up display.
  • Terrain AT4 will feature a rugged exterior, confident capability and advanced technology.

Some of the AT4 versions won’t be available until this summer.

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