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Camaro owners debate the must-have options for a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro

A potential buyer asked members of a popular Camaro forum what they see as must-have options when buying a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro.

The question was posed by a driver who is looking to buy the car of his dreams, a 2017 Chevrolet Camaro, on a budget. Spartan just joined a popular Camaro forum and asks, “I'm in the market for getting a new Camaro At the moment I'm just waiting for the first pay check to kick in for my new job so I can get a feel for the type of budget I can work for in financing. I'll be coming from a G35 so this will be a huge upgrade for me in power. Hopefully I don't kill myself. Anywho, what do you think is a MUST have option for your SS? I'm saying SS because I'll be going big or going home.”

It is smart of Spartan to ask people who have had Camaros before, because they can help him avoid some serious pitfalls. Many things can be added or changed later, but some things are incredibly expensive to upgrade, after the fact.

Lypse was first to answer. “Going big would be the ZL1. However if you're going with an SS then I'd say get the 1LE package!”

Jack’s reply was more in the spirit of the question and he was brief. His big recommendation is “Dual mode exhaust.” And several other Camaro owners quickly agreed.

An owner who calls himself Chevy elaborated on the exhaust. “Dual mode exhaust and magnetic ride control are must have options, IMHO. I would also say the stuff that comes with the 2SS trim is also very nice to have, but MRC and NPP are the must have options ignoring 1SS vs 2SS.” Also see: Why doesn't the 2017 Chevrolet Camaro offer all of the latest safety technology?

Avalon agrees and says it can make a big difference depending on where you live. Avalon lives in Michigan. “Dual Mode exhaust and Magnetic ride if you live in a state where there are crappy roads/potholes. Having these makes my car great and FUN!”

Horse, also from Michigan, raises an interesting point about the exhaust. “The NPP exhaust option also gives you a gloss black painted rear diffuser (the area around the exhaust tips), without the option it will come unpainted in dark grey plastic finish. Another reason to choose NPP besides the exhaust tone.”

Hawk, from Virginia, has another useful suggestion. “I missed having a HUD when I sold my '13 SS.” For those that aren’t familiar, HUD is a Heads up Display that superimposes your speedometer reading on your wind shield, so that you don’t have to keep looking down to know how fast you are going.

Grease has a 2016 Camaro and looks at the options differently. He says to stretch for the 2SS package if you can. “2SS so you get the blind spot monitoring, bigger infotainment screen, accent lights, leather, etc. Definately worth the extra $$$. Then I’d go for MRC, then NPP. You can always turn your car into a 2SS 1LE down the road with the 1LE suspension package and bigger brembos.”

Brian, from Oregon, had some practical suggestions. “Blind spot monitoring was a must as I can't back out of a parking place & see cross traffic with the huge blind spots in the rear/sides. I also wanted navigation as my wife is "directionally challenged". I personally like the sunroof as it allows a lot of light into a normally dark interior (some don't like this. I'm 5'10", so have no issue with headroom).”

The sunroof can be an issue. Scuba, from Houston, says, “The sunroof is controversial because it reduces headroom by 1" in a car where headroom is already low. For tall people with long torsos or those who wear a helmet in competition driving events, it's a no go. For the rest of us it's fun. Black wheels help hide brake dust.”

Spartan hasn’t checked back in to let the forum members know what he has decided. Do you have anything that needs to be added to the list?

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