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Buick Adds Yelp so Drivers Can Interact with Thousands of Restaurants

Buick prides itself on having all the bells and whistles to make family life easier. Now, Buick is adding Yelp Reservations so drivers can easily make reservations at restaurants right from their vehicle's touchscreen.


Buick drivers already have more connectivity than most, and now Buick Marketplace will give drivers access to thousands of restaurants through Yelp Reservations. Drivers will be able to make reservations just by tapping their infotainment touchscreen. Marketplace will also make it easy for drivers to call the restaurant directly.

“Whether drivers want to make a dinner reservation on the go, or get recommendations for restaurants in a new city, the newly added Yelp Reservations brings simple convenience to the car,” said Sam Russell, director of Buick Marketing. “Making new features like this available for vehicles already on the road enhances our vehicles with unexpected new benefits for our customers.”

Convenience To-Go

Drivers of 2017 or newer Buicks should have the ability to use the new Yelp Reservations program. Buick’s Marketplace app will allow customers to search in Yelp Reservations for restaurants in a 25-mile radius of the vehicle. Customers can tap the screen to make reservations for up to 10 people. Buick says that this is the first time Yelp Reservations has been embedded in vehicles.

Yelp Reservation users usually search for restaurants by the type of nearby cuisine. Drivers often search for American/Burgers cuisine, followed by Asian and Mexican food restaurants. The app allows the user to check the restaurant’s price range and Yelp rating.

"Getting a table at an amazing restaurant should be easy, and we're excited to be making that possible by bringing Yelp Reservations directly into vehicles across the country," said Natarajan Subbiah, vice president of Products, Marketplaces at Yelp. "By embedding the Yelp Reservations booking experience into Buick vehicles, drivers have a fun, easy way to discover and secure a table at the best restaurants in their area."

Convenience and Added Security

Buick’s Marketplace app first gained attention because it allows drivers to pay for gas at service stations from the convenience of the car, without having to physically show a credit card or cash. The app theoretically improves safety because it protects customers from theft. The Marketplace app also allows Buick drivers to place mobile food and drink orders.

Drivers can also locate the nearest service stations and dealers through the app, also increasing safety.

Expect to See More Perks Like This One

General Motors has recently debuted many of its perks like this one on its Buick or Cadillac models and then eventually made them available on its other brands. The increased connectivity should be a huge selling point for parents who are often on the go. Imagine how an app like this one makes life easier when you have to travel to a nearby town for the latest soccer tournament or gymnastics meet. Rather than endlessly googling for nearby restaurants, your vehicle can narrow your search and you can make your reservation in just a few easy clicks.You should also save fuel in the long run because you won't be driving around looking for restaurants.You can compare what similar makes and models have to offer here.