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2017 Ram Owners Explain Why they Hide the White Letters on their Tires

Styles change and it appears most truck owners now hide the big white lettering on their truck tires. The owner of a 2017 Ram 1500 asks why and gets more answers than many would expect.


Gator raises the question about what to do with his 2017 Ram 1500, on a popular truck forum. “So my new 37" BFG tires are sitting at my local shop waiting to been installed with my lift. Wanted to get some opinions on whether I should rock the letters out or in? I've seen the stock tires with white letters and it hasn't been selling me too much.” Gator adds that his truck has blacked out trim.

W900, from Nashville, sounds like he takes himself way too seriously. “White letters are so......70's. Last time I had white letters showing on one of my vehicles was around 1984.”

GWC, from Kansas, sounds a little more thoughtful. “Depends on the color and style of the wheels IMO. I like them just not every set up pulls them off.”

Age Related Preference

Jay, from Texas, says the preference is age related. “Kinda like camper shells---old guys like them and younger guys don't--- old guys like the white letters out and younger guys like them in.”

Mopar, from Pennsylvania, is young but still likes the letters showing. “White letters out!!!! Always! I went with 18's specifically for white letters. I'm on the old skool side though, except for the camper top.

Lee, from Canada, weighs in. “White in. I never see white out around here.”

Addison, from Indiana, agrees that it depends on the truck. “As far as white letters go, I like them out, but I agree that on a blacked out truck they wouldn't look right.”

Gotta, from California, adds, “Black truck... white letter in.”

Rev it up, also from California, agrees. “Always black letters out, looks a bit cleaner to me.”

Gator sounds convinced. “It's black, well I guess ... Black it is. I think with a white truck it would look much better.”

Some Have Tried Both Styles

Dave says the shop mixed up his order and he made them turn the tires around. “Ya with a white truck it looks cool, with black it looks dumb. I have BFG KO2s and asked for black walls, they drove it out of the shop with the white letters showing. I told em to pull it right back in and fix it. My truck is also completely blacked out tho!”

Hemipar says even though many people are in to the retro look, it doesn’t work on trucks. “Old cars are bad ass yes, but we aren’t driving old muscle cars…It only works on certain trucks today, with certain wheels/color/stance.”

Mbr, from Maryland, says he has had it both ways. “My Ram came stock with the white letters. I liked them but I didn’t go out of my way to get them again when I changed tires.”

Tom, from Canada, has also sported both looks. He says it all depends on the truck and your personal preference. “I have had both ways-currently with white letters in because I hate scrubbing them-but they can look good when they are white -not grey-- and the color of the truck and amount of chrome can make a big difference.”

In the end, Gator ended up going with the white letters turned in, completing his blacked out trim. Do you agree that it is an age related preference? How much does it depend on the trim on the truck?


Jed (not verified)    October 18, 2020 - 10:05AM

White letters out. Even on something “blacked out”, that little bit of lettering makes it pop. White or red.