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2015-2016 Dodge Challenger Owners Say a Software Update Eliminated their Sport Mode

Owners of the 2015 and 2016 Dodge Challengers are furious over a forced software update that they say has eliminated their cars' popular Sport Mode. The problems started last summer and many drivers say they still haven't been able to get it fixed.

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I read a lot of different forums but rarely have I seen drivers as upset as 2015 and 2016 Dodge Challenger owners. The Challenger is a high performance vehicle that is specifically designed to be a thrill ride for car lovers but a recent software update has created a number of problems.

The issue and frustration is detailed in a Challenger forum thread that runs over 53 pages, with over 500 different comments, all spewing disappointment and disgust that it has taken more than six months to get the problem resolved.

The first complaint came in at the end of May in 2017. Harley says “Need help! My Scat packs software "upgraded" last night and now I can no longer select sport mode for the engine. In other words when I'm in sport mode I can only change the traction to sport and steering to sport, when selected for engine it goes back to default. I no longer have that deep exhaust note that I love so much. Anyone have any ideas?”

Over the next few weeks, 2015 Dodge Challenger owners and fans suggested a number of potential fixes to no avail. Trying to reset the settings manually didn’t work and Harley was not able to go back to an earlier version of software. Harley didn’t want the software upgrade, it occurred on its own.

It didn’t take long and other frustrated 2015 Dodge Challenger owners noticed that their Sport Mode was gone. Money Grip says, “Same situation happened to me. 2015 scat . 6 speed my. Over the air update yesterday . Will not stay in engine sport setting at all. Car not the same after update. All other sport settings seem to stay and work. Very disappointed as I always drive in full sport settings.” Money Grip quickly went to his dealer but isn’t happy. “They reflashed the update. Still no engine sport mode. Ordering me a new radio unit. Been driving in complete sport mode since 1st day. Hope it will get fixed.”

The new radio unit did not fix Money Grip’s problem. “Had radio unit replaced today . Engine sport setting still not saving and goes back to "street". Next step is more detailed investigation with dodge hooked up to some other diagnostic computers they say. Anyone had any luck with this problem being resolved? Car does not drive the same after update.”

Other Models Affected

Welch, from Florida, says others are having the same problem with their 2017 Dodge Challengers after the update. “This is unacceptable. There are similar problems being reported with the updates (not over the air) for the 17's. Heads need to roll at whatever Dodge office is responsible for this.”

By the end of June 2017, Dodge looked at Money Grip’s Challenger and was perplexed. “Dealer keeps saying no one has seen something like this at Dodge after having my car plugged in all day. Dodge wants a screen shot of what is happening. I'm sure this is happening to thousands of other Challengers who have not figured out that their sport settings for the engine are all messed up. Let's hope Dodge hears all of these issues and gets it fixed fast. My dealer said there is absolutely no way to go back to a previous version of the software. I had no issues with the previous software and the car was running amazing.”

The sage continues with other owners trying to fix the Sport Mode issue, buying software packages like Tazer, but they weren’t able to fix it. Other 2015 Dodge Challenger owners inquired about refusing the updates so that they wouldn’t lose their Sport Mode but were told that they couldn’t. “This TSB for the RAM 1500 Uconnect upgrade states that the upgrade can only be delayed, but eventually will be performed even if you don't want it to. UConnect 8.4 & 8.4AN Update - 17.11.07”

Others tried to factory reset their vehicles but that doesn’t seem to help either. Dodge Cares joined the conversation on the forum but they just kept opening new cases without providing any answers.

Other owners are noticing problems beyond the Sport Mode. One driver’s paddles stopped working. Another’s traction controls disappeared. Another found that his music files had been altered.

Rex, from New Orleans, is so angry that he wants a different vehicle. “I plan on bringing mine this week to start the lemon law process. They get four tries to fix the same issue within my state. I might be a bit presumptuous but I'd love to get a new car because of a mistake by Dodge. They've been dead silent in issuing a statement recognizing the issue.”

An owner named John suggested contacting someone higher up at Fiat Chrysler. “All of you folks with this update issue, should contact Pietro. [email protected]
He made things "happen" with the TC Failure issue, and the P01 became real."Dodge Cares" has to work through the "proper" channels. Pietro asks those channels WTF is going on, and get it resolved. The "top down" theory can work, he just needs to know about it now, rather than later.”

They Have a Fix but not for Everyone

A few months ago, an owner who goes by Turtle, had a breakthrough. “I just got my car back today. Dodge technician traveled to my dealer and fixed the Uconnect/Sport Mode problem. Thanks Andrea (Dodge Cares) and Michael M. (FCA.)” Turtle apparently was able to get a software patch downloaded at his dealer.
A Dodge Cares specialist commented on the forum. “A software patch was sent out to 2015 manual transmission Chargers and Challenger to fix the sport mode deletion concern, if you are part of this population and have not received the update yet please send us a PM with your VIN. If you are not part of this population but are experiencing the sport mode deletion concern please send us a PM with your VIN if you haven't done so already so I can pass it along to our engineering team for further investigation.”

However, the patch wasn’t sent to all owners and other model years are having similar issues. Part of the frustration is that they are still forcing the updates that are causing the same issues without providing the patches to people who are forced to update. One would think that they would stop the updates until the problems are addressed.

A lifetime member of the Challenger forum is furious. “My 16 Challenger Scat Pack Shaker still has a non-working engine sport mode. Despite me and others telling Dodge that the 2016 model Manuals are having the same problem as the 2015 Challenger Manuals. They still claim that the bug only applies to 2015 manual transmission Challengers and Chargers, maybe when they discover that there are no manual transmission Chargers they might consider that the 2016 manual transmission owners know what they are talking about. I guess I will just take my Challenger to the dealer and have them deal with Dodge about getting the engine sport mode working. Maybe they will take their word that the 2016 manual transmission cars are having the same problem.”

Another owner tried to get his vehicle fixed and was denied. “The idea that the manufacturer caused this problem, has the fix, yet refuses to give it to those who have been impacted is about the worst customer service I've ever run across.”

An owner who goes by Nethkin sums the frustration up perfectly. “Is this sport mode dysfunctionality ever going to get fixed? My 2016 M6 Challenger Scat Pack is still broke, going on 7 months now.”

It is hard to believe that Fiat Chrysler has figured out how to address the problem on 2015 Challenger models but is leaving the owners of 2016 Challengers and some 2017 Challengers out in the cold. The Challenger is a halo performance car that brings fans to the brand. It is crazy that something as simple as a software bug is taking this long to fix!

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Bob (not verified)    January 27, 2018 - 7:20PM

I bought my LAST Dodge ever in 1994...a Ram 2500HD V-10 Magnum. JUNK, JUNK, JUNK. Multiple problems and the dealer said Dodge did not have a computer for the V-10. Yet my home town mechanic ( shade tree sort) fixed it with his 'hand-held' computer.
FCA is as bad as Chrysler ever was also.

Vernon Atkins (not verified)    January 28, 2018 - 5:26AM

Fiat Chrysler is the worst customer service ever my 2009 Challenger with 6-speed automatic transmission I believe has 9 recalls the last three with a supposedly the timing chain which is BS the driver side airbag on the passenger side airbag it took 3 years to get the driver side airbag and I was told that it is dangerous that could shoot metal Parts into the occupant causing Serious injury or death but they told me don't worry go ahead and drive it it's safe then they recall the passenger side airbag it's been 4 years and that thing still hasn't replaced as far as the timing chain that is just a cheap fix distraction they were called The Challenger and the charger all the 5.7 claiming that the timing chain was bad just the 2009 because people were sucking their valves at 70 miles an hour but it wasn't all the 5.7 the only Challenger 5.7 with the 6-speed automatic transmission with the fuel saving module what Dodge did was recalled all the model by .7 knowing that they're going to be able to tell everybody once they got the engine apart that they needed new timing chain I mean a new water pump and up charge them for the water pump and that would pay for the whole job and while they were in The Challengers with automatic transmissions they secretly disconnected the fuel saving module which was causing the problem now that they disconnected the fuel saving module the car is no longer get the mandatory 24 miles per gallon on the freeway and that being the case they are required to buy every 2009 Challenger with the 5.7 automatic transmission back from each customer for the price they paid for it including interest in everything any upgrades they had and they deny it they T9 that when the 2009 5.7 Challenger with a 6-speed automatic transmissions come in for the timing chain repair that they secretly disconnect the fuel saving module and try to keep it a secret so they don't have to do the buy back I like most every Challenger owner loved my car until I have to deal with their-customer no service personnel and just so you people at Dodge no this Challenger is your last straw you blow it with these people you will go out of business guaranteed and this time you're not too big to fail

Matthew Kristian (not verified)    January 28, 2018 - 3:12PM

In reply to by Vernon Atkins (not verified)

Vernon, you're very misinformed. The P01 is a legitimate safety recall that came out due to timing chain failure, possibly causing engine lockup and a crash. My dealership just replaced valves, lifters, pushrods, timing chain, and every gasket and seal related to the repair due to TC failure in a customer vehicle, all paid for under subsequent damage via the recall. You also must not understand how MDS fuel saving technology works, it doesn't have a separate module to disconnect, the Solenoids that control the system are under the intake manifold and it must be removed to mess with them. Also, there has never been a 6 speed automatic in a Challenger. It sounds like you had a poor service experience at a dealership, you should probably try another dealer and you should call FCA Customer Care, they might be able to help.

Chris (not verified)    January 29, 2018 - 12:01PM

This also happened to me 2 updates ago ( 2015 scat pack ) I would be driving with the radio up and the whole system would lock up. I wasn’t able to turn off or down the radio, the nav would lock up and stop functioning. Couldn’t touch anything on the screen and my sports button wouldn’t work. The only way I was able to fix it was turning off the car. I used the security update USB to revert software and it solved the problem.

Leo Wilson (not verified)    February 1, 2018 - 9:52AM

When I turn on sport on performance pages then hit anything else it goes bad I have a 2016 challenger 6 speed scat pack my vin is 2c3cdzfjogh201199 thank you for the help

Jason (not verified)    February 3, 2018 - 9:15AM

My SRT has had continued problems since an update in September of '16. Radio has been replaced 4 times.

Martin Roby (not verified)    February 24, 2018 - 3:42PM

Still have not received the fix for the sport mode delete on my 2015 Challenger R/T 6M,VIN 2C3CDZAT6FH720605 very disappointed at this point.This has been ongoing sinceJune 2017. Please help

Marc Jennings (not verified)    March 10, 2018 - 2:17PM

So was there a fix or work around determined yet ? my 15 scat pack just forced the software load yesterday and I do not have sport mode

Eric thomas (not verified)    April 11, 2018 - 2:18PM

I just got my sport mode working again , had to download the new update ( version 17.43.01) my self and install, after the dealer told me that sport mode didn't affect the acceleration, they installed a new head unit and still no sport mode.They said the acceleration was probably in my head, so after not having it for 15k miles , it's back , but I guess I'm just imagining that too.

Alan Phillips (not verified)    May 10, 2018 - 7:07PM

In reply to by Eric thomas (not verified)

My 2015 Manual Scat just had this same update (17.43.01). sports button and sports modes still not working. going on almost a year now.........12 calls to Crysler, each time I was told, you will get an update OTA or we are not aware of any issues or the best one 'we will email you an update'. The lease is up in a few months and I'm all done with POS Manufacturer.

Richard Pfeiffer (not verified)    March 12, 2020 - 10:40AM

In reply to by Eric thomas (not verified)

My 2015 SRT Challenger also has the software update version 17.43.01 and the sport mode seems to work fine. I downloaded the software on my computer then to a thumb drive and to the car from the thumb drive. That was a year or so ago.
Now in an unrelated problem, the clock won't stay synced with the GPS. Have to manually set it. Sometimes at random it will start syncing properly.This is a very recent problem and I don't think it's related to the software issue. Does anyone know if you NEED a Uconnect subscription to get updates through satellite? I cancelled my subscription over the phone when customer service explained what bells and whistles you get for your money. I didn't think it was worth all the money they were charging.

Marc Jennings (not verified)    May 11, 2018 - 10:17AM

I had a Tazer installed on the car in 2015. in 2018 they forced the software update. The only fix/work around was to have the PCM flashed. of course i lost my Tazer functions as well. but i have Sport mode back

kevin mallory (not verified)    July 9, 2018 - 9:20PM

I just got my 2016 scat pack a month ago and was noticing it kept clicking out of sport mode. I was looking for answers and ran across this page. Can anybody send me a email with some answers please so I can take steps to get it corrected.

Francis Brydon (not verified)    July 22, 2019 - 7:53AM

Wow, glad I stumbled across this forum! I spent this weekend online shopping around for a used 2017 Challenger. Found a nice one in Ontario with 20,000km, hemi with a shaker hood, yellow/black with paddle shift. Requested the carfax and found the car has had 2 owners already and in June 2018 went to dealer for ECM computer reprogramming! Thx to you folks on this forum, my thinking has definitely changed. I know FCA very well as I already own a 2014 Ram and have found FCA to be tone deaf when it comes to hearing the issues customers are having with their products. I work hard for my money and if FCA doesn't want to work hard for my money and loyalty, Ford and GM are just around the corner!

Jose Munoz (not verified)    March 15, 2020 - 4:14PM

I have 2015 Dodge Challenger sxt after the software my sport mode doesn’t work vin #2c3cdzag6fh713043 8.4 Uconnect

johnny bittle (not verified)    June 26, 2020 - 9:03PM

I just bought a 2015 challenger scat pack sport mode is working but it has problems the blind spot comes on stay on.the key fob don't work i was thinking about getting a software update but don't want to lose my sport mode

Keith Hancock (not verified)    July 15, 2020 - 7:38PM

I have a 2015 challenger RT with automatic transmission. I don’t tend to use the sport mode, so don’t know if I have that issue. But I recently started having problems bluetoothing my music from my phone. I have an android device (Kyocera) that has worked fine for Bluetooth music since I bought it. But recently I started having problems where when I started the music playing the car screen would show it connected and the music would play on the phone but not come through on the car speakers. It wouldn’t play through the phone speaker either because the phone is connected to the car Bluetooth. I noticed the play button would be displayed on the car screen and when I push it the music would come through the car speakers, until the current song finished and a new one started. Then it would revert to no sound coming through but the music is still progressing on the phone. If I hit play on the car again, the sound would once again start coming through. I started using the Bluetooth instead of playing it through the USB port originally because the system wouldn’t recognize the phone as a music device when plugged into USB. I was told at the time that it was because the cars software supported Apply products, not android. Now that I’m having these issues, I called Uconnect and was told they now have a new update for my car and I should download it. I’m also told that it will enable the car to now support android devices through the USB port. That is funny, as I was originally told the issue with android couldn’t be fixed through a software upgrade. Now I’ve started having problems with phone calls on Bluetooth. When I use voice command to place a call, the commands are understood and implemented. But when the call starts, the system reverts to the radio and the phone sound doesn’t come through. I have to mute the music and transfer the phone call back to the phone speaker to hear it. I’m debating about whether I should down load the latest update and see if it will fix these issues, as the uconnect rep said it would.

Jason Bean (not verified)    July 31, 2020 - 8:51PM

I have a 2015 challenger rt plus/shaker with 6 speed tranny. When i press super track mode, the screen locks up and you cannot do anything. I have to turn off the car and eventually it will reset so the radio at least comes on......
VIN# 2c3cdzbt4fh900020
Can anyone please help??

John kieffer (not verified)    June 13, 2023 - 7:27AM

I have a 2015 sxt plus with auto trans. Two times now, my car doesn't shift into second gear with out punching it a bit. Anyone having this issue? the odometer just turned 16K miles.