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You Can Have Packages Delivered To Your Volvo

Having packages delivered to your house or apartment is sometimes a hassle since they are left out in the open to the elements or a burglar. Then there are the times where you have to stay at home to sign for a package or the delivery company will leave a note saying they were not able to deliver it.
Posted: May 11, 2016 - 1:58PM
Author: Will Maley

Volvo has a possible solution to this; why not have your packages delivered to your vehicle? They have announced a new partnership for their In-Car delivery program that promises to deliver your online shopping to your Volvo within two hours. Swedish start-up urb-it, a company that will deliver your shopping from various stores within two hours is teaming up with Volvo to provide this.

The service works by an "urber" (the delivery person) receiving your order and picking up the items by presenting a special order code. From there, the "urber" will go to your vehicle and use a one-time digital key to unlock the vehicle and drop-off the order.

If having some random stranger delivering packages to your Volvo freaks you out, urb-it does a strict vetting process for their "urbers". You'll also know the name of the person who delivering your order.

“We understand the value of the In-car Delivery service we have developed. We’ve all had phone calls at work from delivery people trying to deliver packages to our homes that need to be signed for when there is no one home. With our In-car Delivery service we effectively turn your car into a delivery location and assign a one-time digital key to the delivery person, effectively eliminating delivery failure,” said Björn Annwall, Senior Vice President Marketing Sales and Service at Volvo Car Group in a statement.

This is the latest addition to Volvo's In-Car delivery service that was launched back November. You could shop from a couple of stores and choose to have delivered to your vehicle. PostNord (the Swedish/Danish postal service) would drop them off.

Volvo will be running this addition to their service on a trial basis in Stockholm for a short time later this year. If successful, the automaker plans on expanding this service worldwide.

Pic Credit: Volvo