Volvo and Google Partnership

Volvo Teams Up With Google For Next-Gen Infotainment System

Infotainment systems found in vehicles tend to range from ok to downright terrible in terms of usability. But one automaker is trying to improve this by partnering with a tech company.

Volvo announced this week a “close partnership” with Google on developing a next-generation infotainment system using the Android operating system. This will allow a number of apps you can get on any Android phone to be available in your Volvo vehicle. Volvo also says this transition to Android will increase the system's overall speed and flexibility.

“We are making an important strategic step with the Google partnership. Google’s platform and services will enhance the user experience by enabling more personalization possibilities, while Android will offer increased flexibility from a development perspective,” said Henrik Green, Senior Vice President Research & Development at Volvo Car Group in a statement.

“With the advent of Android we will embrace a rich ecosystem while keeping our iconic Volvo user interface. We will offer hundreds of popular apps and the best integrated experience in this broad, connected environment.”

Volvo says this new system will become available on their models within the next two years.

More details about this partnership will be talked about later this week at Google's I/O conference.

Pic Credit: Volvo

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