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Jaguar XF Sportbrake Lives!

Earlier this year, reports came out that Jaguar wasn't planning to do a second-generation of the XF Sportbrake (another way of saying wagon). But this was disputed by Jaguar's design chief, saying he was misquoted. So was there going to be another XF Sportbrake?
Posted: September 30, 2016 - 4:09PM
Author: Will Maley

Yes. During the Paris Motor Show, Jaguar released a picture showing off the next-generation XF Sportbrake. Draped in camouflage, it is easy to tell that the Sportbrake will retain a fair amount of the XF sedan's styling with a longer roofline. This increase in roof length should improve headroom considerably. Engines will likely match the XF sedan, so that means a 2.0L turbodiesel four-cylinder as the base and 3.0L V6s running gas or diesel.

Jaguar says the XF Sportbrake will arrive in 2017. Before you ask, Jaguar isn't likely bringing the XF Sportbrake to the states.

Wait, can you explain the whole "will they/won't they" mess?

Sure. Back in April, it was reported that Jaguar was getting out of the wagon game due to falling demand in Europe. This was attributed to a quote made by Jaguar's design chief Ian Callum.

It was only a week later that Callum tweeted out that he was misquoted, saying that there wouldn't be an XE Sportbrake. Callum told Auto Express in May that he is still interested wagons and that there was an interest for them in China. Auto Express at the time also that Jaguar was going forward with a next-generation XF Sportbrake.

Pic Credit: Jaguar