2017 Hyundai Accent Value Edition

Hyundai Adds More Value For 2017 Accent Sedan

While all of the focus at Hyundai has been on their new luxury brand, Genesis, they haven't forgotten about their cheap car roots.

Hyundai announced a new trim for the 2017 Accent sedan called the Value Edition. Only $705 more than the base SE sedan with the automatic, the Value Edition adds a fair amount of equipment for not that much money. Standard equipment include 16-inch alloy wheels, disc brakes for the rear wheels, cruise control, steering wheel audio controls, and Bluetooth.

You cannot get the Value Edition with a six-speed manual. If you really have your heart set on a manual Accent, then you'll need to stick with the base SE and lose out on the features. Also, Hyundai isn't offering the Value Editon for the Accent Hatchback.

It should be noted that Hyundai only does the Value Edition package when a model is reaching the end of its lifecycle. Considering the current one has been with us since the 2011 model year, this seems like the perfect time to have a final curtain call.

Pic Credit: Hyundai

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