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Audi Teases Their Other Geneva Showing

Posted: February 17, 2016 - 9:52AM
Author: Will Maley
Audi has already announced they'll being showing a more potent version of the RS Q3 next month at the Geneva Motor Show. But there is another vehicle the German automaker will be bringing.


Last week, Audi released a picture showing a Q7, Q5, and Q3 in a parking structure with an empty space next to the Q3. Underneath the vehicles was the word 'Soon'. This led a number of folks to think Audi would be showing a new subcompact crossover. Then yesterday, Audi released a video showing small, bright yellow crossover driving on an unpaved road and ending with the phrase of 'the new Q...'.

What will this 'the new Q...' be called?

Everyone seems to think it will be Q2 since the first teaser picture showed the Q7, Q5, and Q3 lined up by overall size. The empty space signifies that the next model will be smaller than the Q3, meaning a subcompact. Also, Audi did a trademark trade with FCA to get their hands on the Q2 and Q4 names. This trade came to light last month.

Do we know anything about the Q2?

The Q2 will use Volkswagen Group's MQB modular platform that underpins the Audi A3. Front-wheel drive will come standard and all-wheel drive will be available as an option. Design is expected to be slightly daring compared to other Audi crossovers.