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Wish List for Chevy Volt Improvements

In what ways could the Chevy Volt be improved. With GM focusing on launching the Chevy Bolt, have they lost sight of ways to improve the Electric car with a range extender?

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There are creature comforts that would improve the Chevy Volt especially the rear seating leg room and rear seat headroom but those are not my main focus.

In what ways could you improve the car in terms of Performance? I believe that the Volt is sometimes overlooked as an Electric Car. The Toyota Prius gets looked at as an Electric car most of the times while it is mostly a Hybrid without the addition of the Prius Prime. If you put the BMW I3 alongside the Chevy Volt as well as the CMax Energi and Prius Prime, I would say that GM positioned it right in the middle of the range assisted market. They have the second highest EV range of the group, they have comfortable upfront seating and overall seating capacity but why aren’t they selling better than the Prius Prime?

I used a website called Nadaguides to pull the data necessary for the rest of this story from:

The comparison of the top-level offerings from each of the 4 cars listed above showed that the Chevy Volt is very competitively priced when you factor in the 5-year cost of ownership, the car is above average in fuel economy and its MPGe rating. If you want to know more about the MPG ratings see here.

MPG Comparison

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RAYMOND Simonton (not verified)    May 14, 2017 - 10:46AM

I love both the Volts I have had but I would like to have a rear window wiper which is unavailable and a smaller upright on the left side of the windshield to improve visibility. Are either of these possible in the future?

Jordan Tuck (not verified)    May 17, 2017 - 10:27PM

Return to four passenger seating!!

I know they were trying to eek out more Government incentive money by making it a 5 seater. But they took the sleek and inviting rear bucket seats and turned them into a bland and awkward bench.

And my god who on earth did they think would want to ride the Hump from Hell anyways? I think all Volt engineers should be sentenced to ride the middle seat for a month as punishment for this design.

I'd gladly give up the $1K incentive money to have the rear bucket seats restored.