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Ways to Improve Your Nissan Leaf's Abilities

Are there ways to improve your Nissan Leafs performance? Is there a little blue pill that can help in this area? Well if you feel like your Nissan Leafs abilities are somewhat challenged, maybe we can give you some ideas to help improve on some of the Leaf’s inadequacy

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2011 and 2012 Nissan Leafs
The first add on improvement you can upgrade I would recommend is the Brusa NLG664 Nissan Leaf Charger. This acts as an add on to your existing charger and increases its capacity to 22 kw! You can charge up your Nissan Leaf much fast and take advantage of 30 amp EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). This add on was launch back in 2013-14 and is sold via Metric Mind and maybe a few other vendors. According to the Metric Mind website, the price is over $5k so it is only for someone that is interested in getting the maximum charge performance out of the first-generation Nissan Leaf owners that are diehards. You can visit the Metric Mind website here.

The following quote is from The Metric Mind.

“With the NLG664 BRUSA has set an milestone in e-mobility. The on board fast charger NLG664 is now available with 45-65 Hz input frequency and enhanced single phase current capability of 30 A. This provides a great flexibility for the worldwide use of our NLG664 on-board-charger. Thanks to its performance upgrade the charger NLG664 can also be operated in countries with 60Hz mains frequency. The NLG664 is the world's first charger that allows the charging of a typical EV-battery in less than one hour from standard 3-phase AC grid and gives the additional option to charge with up to 7 kW from an appropriate single phase AC outlet.” And you can see a video of the product in an actual Nissan Leaf below.

By the way, this new technology could extend Nissan Leaf's range to 338 miles.

For Nissan Leaf Owners that already have CHaDeMo high voltage DC Charging Capability

The next item that is a “must have” for any serious Nissan Leaf owner is to have the ability to “Fast Charge” in your own garage. Gone are the days when you wife comes home and leaves the Nissan Leaf battery depleted. Now with a eMotorworks DC fast charger set up you will have the ability to charge your Leaf from 0 to 80% capacity in just a fraction of the time. Only around 45 minutes.

Their website can be found here.

Text from their website states: “We are very happy to announce current availability of the product that many of you have been waiting for - a CHAdeMO-compatible charge controller. Now you can have an affordable charger that will charge your Nissan Leaf / Mitsubishi Mi-EV / any other car / motorcycle that uses CHAdeMO protocol - at up to 25kW from an AC source, up to 40kW from a DC source.”

Also see: Add 40 miles driving range to Nissan Leaf with Enginer's add-on battery pack.

Valery will be happy to help you. He is definitely a genius. Quotes on his website say so.

Last Idea to Improve Nissan Leafs
Go to your local leather shop and have them add leather to your seats. No car should be without appropriate Leather Seats. Before you go, also see this story titled What is The Most Efficient Speed for Nissan LEAF for Optima Range.

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Brent hasty (not verified)    April 23, 2017 - 11:05AM

Add 10 miles of range to your leaf in 10 minutes for under 10$!
Simply roll up a blanket, stuff it in the grill below the front licence plate and tape it in place.
Seriously try it...

So long as it is not the heat of summer, your not running the AC on high and your battery temps are a couple bars below max. It is safe to send the cooling air around your car, rather than scooping it up like a parachute.

This simple aeromod can be done more fancy or elegant; with plastic, foam, or tape... Or ultimately a intelligent shutter that opens progressively or incrementally when any of 3 variable requires.

Coolant temp, AC on, and battery temp.

gilles beaudry (not verified)    August 26, 2017 - 6:42PM

i have a question. If i open a battery pack of 24 kwh (Nissan Leaf) and remove the 48 modules only, leave all the electronics there, and install the 48 modules of a battery pack of 30 kwh, is this going to work. I know that the modules are the same size because i have the dealer repair chapter of the battery pack of nissan leaf 2016 (1600 pages) and both battery packs are in this repair chapter (24 and 30 kwh). The modules for the 24 kwh battery have 500 watts each and the modules for the 30 kwh battery have 625 watts each. thanks