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This New Technology Could Extend Nissan LEAF's Range to 338 Miles

How far do you need to go in a single day? If you spend 6 hours a day in a car and have an insane commune as a salesman or making delivers the future of unbelievable EV Range may be here for you. This recently released video shows one thing that is truly going to be the real time game changer for sure.

If I drive from my home in NJ down to my favorite destination, the drive is about 160 miles away. I drove my 2013 Nissan Leaf on this journey a little over a year ago and got down in 1 more hour than it took my wife to drive the same distance in the gas car (2013 C-Max Energi so not 100% gas). Reason it took 1 hour longer is because I made two stops at CHAdeMo stops along the way. Made it with no trouble with the AC running full blast and much of the ride was done at 50+ MPH. How cool is that? It was a great trip flying down with not a bit of gas to burn.

So, what if I could make that trip down to my favorite stop in Maryland from NJ 160 miles away without stopping for charging. That is totally doable now for my friends that have any of the Tesla offerings. I just don’t have the income to buy one at the moment so my options are limited. What would be even better would be to be able to take that trip and drive down and back on the same charge. Is that possible? Can a Tesla go 320 miles on a charge?

I believe a retrofitted Tesla Roadster could. How about a Nissan Leaf?

If the video is true, which I believe is, we will have a 338 mile range Nissan Leaf very soon! 338 miles is a true game changer in my mind. Traveling down and back in the same day, on the same charge would equate to about 6 hours of drive time.

Now that is serious Electric Vehicle Range.

So what if the average driver in the USA (40 Miles Range) decided to buy this car? That driver could drive for 8 average 40 mile range days before having to plug in the car. What is unknown is how long it will take to fully charge a 338 mile range Nissan Leaf battery. As a sales person that loves EVs, I can’t wait for this. It truly is a great game changer.

Here is how Nissan LEAF can get 2X the range without a new battery. Also did you know that month to month leasing of Nissan LEAF is a better alternative to buying a used one.


Tom C (not verified)    July 10, 2015 - 5:02PM


This video consists of video of a leaf and audio of a guitar. Nothing is even said in this video. Are you drunk?