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Emissions issues at BMW also, but at least BMW has the i3

One by one they are starting to fall. Clean Diesel is really not clean. The thorns are showing up on the rose and now the emissions chaos is striking BMW as well. Since BMW is the manufacturer of the I3 and has been investing in electric vehicle technology much more so than VW.


Starting way back in 2009 BMW had the Mini E lease program which migrated into the Active E electric car program. Their history is clear that they have wanted to move in the Electric Car direction for some time and as with many manufacturers they are worried about consumer acceptance and business operations disruptions.

At this point, Bloomberg is reporting that BMW X3 doesn’t pass emissions standards either. I’m wondering now that VW got caught if they are all going to start saying “me too” ours doesn’t work either.

The implications of a widening scandal would indicate a massive deception that may impact government agencies as well as the auto manufacturers. Its going to be interesting to see what comes out of these companies in the coming weeks and months as the microscope of public scrutiny sheds bears down on them.