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Rumor: Mercedes to Jump on EV Bandwagon with "Ecoluxe" Brand

Electric vehicles are all the rage now, and even luxury car manufacturers may be jumping on board. With the Tesla being a sleek and increasingly popular car, Mercedes may want a slice of that EV pie.


Tesla’s Model S and upcoming Model X are no direct competition to any of the German luxury car manufacturers - at least not for now. However, with stricter regulations likely on the horizon, designing the EV machinery now makes sense. Tesla may just be sowing seeds for cars of the future.

Rumors are swirling about Mercedes coming up with their own luxury EV brand dubbed the “Ecoluxe”, which will supposedly be a $2 billion program. This may explain the unique incognito Mercedes vehicle that was spied this past October.

It is said that this program may feature four vehicles with the smaller platform offering a wheelbase of 106 inches and the larger platform measuring about 118 inches. The larger platform may be seating up to 7 passengers, make up to 610 horsepower, measure longer than 16 feet with abundant storage in the front and rear, and will make about 80,000 units per year. According to Autoblog, “the range would have provisions for rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, and rear-wheel steering.” They say that the Mercedes Ecoluxe brand could be available as soon as 2019.

With Tesla’s Model S a huge success, we can almost count on the Model X bringing in the same bacon. We feel that it is only a matter of time before these automakers need to stop up their game in regards to EV cars.

Though it’s hard to predict the future, we think that the Mercedes Ecoluxe brand could be a huge hit, especially if the car looks sleek and still resembles a Benz. If Mercedes can bang out their new Ecoluxe brand before all of the luxury automakers jump on the same bandwagon, they may strike gold with this new EV adventure.

Reference and image screenshot: AutoBlog


Aaron Turpen    December 27, 2014 - 11:57AM

There are a couple of BMWs that are in near-direct competition with Tesla, at least in terms of sales demographic. Those being the i3 and the i8, both of which are sustainably made, unlike the Model S.