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Jaguar Land Rover sales hitting the skids or just drifting

With new models, crossovers, possible Super F-Type, and now news that Jaguar Land Rover sales may be declining, how can Jaguar turn things around?


All the news from Jaguar has been great up till now, the XE about to release, the new F-Pace Crossover will launch soon, strong rumors of a Super F-Type sports car, so excuse me if I find any bad news hard to imagine. Tata Motors (Jaguar Land Rover parent company) are saying that profits fell in their latest financial reports, showing a $580 million sales decline for the quarter that ended in December 2014.

Some reports are pointing to an issue with supply rather than demand, so what will this say about new models coming out soon and possible plans to build a new manufacturing plan in the US (Georgia). The newest Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) plant in China should help give them a boost in production and create more sales growth. Although JLR has reported strong sales in China, the economy is not increasing at the typical rate. They are hopeful that new dealerships opening will help sales to get back on track in China and turn the recent cooling trend of the economy around.

Jaguar thinks the all-new XE sedan will drive sales as it goes head-to-head with the mighty BMW 3-Series and Land Rover’s new Discovery Sport should bring new excitement to consumers. The Discovery Sport will be a great entry level model for Land Rover as a more affordable choice.

US consumers say in most of the social media traffic that they don’t want to see Jaguar water down the styling or sophistication that made them attracted to the brand in the first place. They fear that Jaguar has lost its elegant look, that the directions of the new models are driven by the cookie cutter cars trending today. Loyal fans want to see Jaguar get back to the rich luxury and distinctive looks they were known for. Other say that Jaguar has no business getting into the crossover (or SUV) market, but could it just be the funky name (F-Pace) that Jaguar executives say is inspired by the popular F-Type.

Let’s hope that Jaguar can avoid the sales skids and get back to drifting those fabulous F-Types into a power slide. The press will also be closely watching to see if the media hype over the all-new XE will deliver on the excitement in the sales department.

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mb (not verified)    February 7, 2015 - 2:44PM

in some ways I do agree with the US sentiment that jaguar is slowly losing its elegant looks and cookie cutter cars are paving the way. i like the time when jag came out with the s-type alongside a XK and XJ of that age and it really gave buyers a choice. fair to say that s-type was not to everyone liking but it was a bold attempt at offering a choice. personally, I do like it and i would add a personal touch like Ian callum did to his mark 2 Jag. I don't like Jag's attempt at just copy and pasting the family looks onto bigger and smaller cars i don't want to see Jag fall down the same path of Audi or BMW where there is no real aesthetic distinction but only the number of doors and their range starts to get boring. i think jag need to wake up and realize this that if you truly value beauty in your cars then push the bar and repeat the times of the e-type and make something truly beautiful that consumers would yearn to want. with regards to Jag's profit/loss i think companies go through ups and downs. at the moment they are investing heavily so i'm sure later on it all pay off.

Joseph (not verified)    February 9, 2015 - 7:33PM

mb.....Great points, I agree with most of what you are saying. I'm sure its hard to make those tough calls but Jaguar needs to stay true to the brand and keep the distinctive looks that got them where they are today!