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Jaguar is awarded the "Best British Luxury Brand" title

The experts have spoken and Jaguar has again been recognized at the top of their brand and continues to impress the judges with the design, style, performance, and marketing that makes the brand so alive.


The Walpole Awards - whose name is credited to Sir Robert Walpole (1676-1745), a famous commercial minister and patron of the arts - held its 14th annual awards for Luxury Excellence. Walpole CEO Michelle Emmerson said: “Walpole judges were delighted to recognize Jaguar as the Best British Luxury Brand; a company which embodies so much of what British luxury stands for. Jaguar combines extraordinary performance and design and last year demonstrated the global appeal of their automotive excellence by reporting their strongest year to date, which in turn supports nearly 32,000 jobs in the UK alone. A simply stunning success story within the British luxury industry."

Jaguar continues to ride atop the wave of success that has not come easy. Not so many years ago, Jaguar was not on top of many lists for excellence and they have worked hard to gain the trust and praises from the industry leaders.

The current lineup of vehicles from Jaguar continues to impress the automotive writers and will win over the consumers as soon as they get behind the wheel of some of the most stylish and refined luxury cars on the road today. The current sales of the F-Type through October 2014 are up over 75% and showing no signs of slowing down. With the recent rumors of even more exciting F-Types and upcoming SUV models (C-X17 Concept), Jaguar may stay on the leader board a bit longer.

Some skeptics are still saying that time will tell if the reliability and maintenance issues from the past will be resolved, but Jaguar is working hard to make sure that those are no longer of concern. However, says “Studies that concentrate on newer cars indicate that’s Jaguar’s reliability has been steadily improving in recent years."

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