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F-Type vs. F-Pace, Jaguar’s beauty and the beast

Jaguar hit a grand slam with the introduction of the F-Type, but the scouting report on the F-Pace has left some wondering if it can even get on base.

The popularity of the F-Type still amazes me every day; it’s like a wildfire that can’t be put out. Jaguar was in need of a flagship model that would bring the brand back from some lean years and the roadster has done just that. The F-Type has been on the pages and even a few covers of most every car magazine since its launch. The sleek and sexy sports car is everything that is needed to appeal to a broad audience; it has killer style, jaw-dropping performance, and all the right moves to keep it on everyone’s bucket list for years.

I have friends who aren’t even car guys who ask me about my test drives in the Jaguar F-Type. They immediately want to know two things, how fast is it and what does it cost? Most of them say without hesitation that it’s a car they could see themselves driving. For an automaker to accomplish this type of appeal is incredible and rare these days. Like I have reported, there are so many sports car fans that are waiting patiently for the low mileage F-Type’s to hit the pre-owned car lots and dealerships so they can try to get their dream car at a bargain. This seems to be a car that the new just has not worn off of yet, it is a car that catches your attention every time you see one zooming down the road.

Now you may be thinking that’s a lot of praise for just one car, but it’s true. Jaguar hopes that they can re-kindle the fire that began with the F-Type with a new vehicle they say was inspired by none other than the infamous F-Type. The all-new F-Pace is a brand first crossover with the potential to re-write the market with innovative new technology and performance not seen in any other SUV’s. But the issue may be whether consumers can get past the name.

Regarding the name, Ian Callum (Jaguar Design Director) said there were many names considered before they narrowed it down to three. Callum says about F-Pace; “I like it because I think it’s got a bit of texture and character to it and I think after time people will get used to it.” Loyal Jaguar fans should like the fact that they will now have an opportunity to own a crossover with the Jaguar badge on it. Let’s see how the consumers warm up to the name and if the looks will be enough to attract the buyers and give it a chance.

We all know by now that the F-Type is a beast with a fire-breathing engine under the hood waiting for a test drive today. The question becomes, can the F-Pace be the beauty that charms you into falling in love with an all-new performance crossover from Jaguar?

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