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Connect with your local Jaguar car club

The popularity of Jaguar is at an all-time high and the success can be traced to a few reasons: A great new car lineup, clever video marketing, and the power of social media. But sometimes you just need to go old school and get out to a local car show.

Cold weather is here now and some of you guys may have tucked your Jaguars in the garage until the hints of spring are in the air. As soon as the warmer weather comes back and you will see local car shows and cruise-in’s everywhere. Are you plugged into the local car show scene?? If not you might be asking what’s the big deal with car shows and why would I want to go to one? Local car shows are always a great family friendly way to get outside and see some awesome classic cars or even the modern “hot rods” like the F-Type R Coupe or Roadster.

An added benefit to hitting the car show circuit is that you can make a connection with a local Jaguar or British car club. Most of these clubs have monthly meetings where they gather to discuss the show schedule and club activities. But they also love to discuss lessons learned and tips on how to work on them and perform upgrades. Jaguar clubs are well represented in many cities and if you search the forums and social media you can find one near you.

Going to car shows is one of my most fun memories with my dad. Walking around reminiscing about the cars and hearing stories of days gone by is always my favorite part of the local car shows. These shows usually offer some great music and good food to enjoy as you stroll back in time and relive the “Good ol’ days”, as my dad always says.

So if you have a classic or modern Jaguar, get it shined up and ready to hit the shows next spring. In the meantime while the weather is still cold and the roads are messy, use this time to locate a local group of car guys who are just as passionate as you are and get plugged in.