Here’s The Reverse Gear Noise Explained on the New RAV4 Hybrids
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Here’s The Reverse Gear Noise Explained on the New RAV4 Hybrids

Do you hear an angelic-like noise coming from your new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid when you put it in reverse? Don’t worry, it’s not your gears grinding.

A “back-up beeper” is the sound your car makes when you put it in reverse. This sound is played on the outside of the car to alert pedestrians that this vehicle is backing up. Usually, you see this on commercial vehicles like dump trucks and construction vehicles as a safety protocol. It was first invested by the Japanese in the 1960’s and has now found its way to your everyday vehicles. Even my 2012 base model Toyota Prius who has seen its end has this beeper.

On my car it’s a simple “beep.” Most cars do not have them but the reason my Prius has it is because of its hybrid drive train. When a hybrid backs up, it also uses the electric motor to put it in motion until the gas engine kicks in. Because of this, the car does not make any exhaust noise and could be dangerous to dogs, people, or little kids. To combat this, automakers who make electric and hybrid vehicles but the back-up beeper as a feature so that people can hear the car backing up because of the low noise level.

Here’s The Reverse Gear Noise Explained on the New RAV4 Hybrids

However, that noise has evolved from a very mundane beep to now an angelic and speed progressive sound which plays on the 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid. You can also find this sound on some Lexus models as well. But can you believe that some owners actually think that this sound is a transmission problem? Should Toyota maybe address this?

Jessica Michelle posted on Facebook’s Toyota RAV4 Hybrid group saying,” is there a way to subdue the opera choir sound my 2020 has when I put it in reverse? It’s always had it so I’m guessing it’s on purpose to make sound when backing since it’s so quiet?”

Now yes, this vehicle is a hybrid so naturally it would come with a back-up beeper. However, I think that the fact that Toyota changed from the traditional “beep” to the now angelic whine should’ve been re-visited a few more times before production. For instance, If the 2022 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is my first hybrid car with a back-up beeper, nine times out of 10 there is going to be a chance of me thinking that there is some sort of problem with the transmission when I put it in reverse if my dealer had not disclosed that this sound is normal beforehand.

There is no way to turn it off unless you hack into your car or jailbreak it however it should not be too loud and luckily, it isn’t an annoying sound. Check out the YouTube video linked in this article to see just how angelic and beautiful this sound is. Most cars have a simple beeper that gets annoying like my 2012 Prius however I think that this new sound is very interesting. In a Tesla, you can change your horn sound without having to change the actual horn. I hope that someday we can change our back up beeper noise to fit our desired sound. If that were to happen, expect to hear a bunch of funny sounding cars backing out of the mall parking lot.

What do you think? Is this sound annoying to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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Again, wrong picture…that’s not a RAV4! Is this on purpose?
Hi James, the article is centered to most newer hybrid Toyota SUVs in general. I see how you would say that though. Thank you.
My daughter calls the reverse sound 'singing demonic angels'! I like it better than the annoying beep, beep, beep you hear on other vehicles.
I think it sounds like a wheel bearing going bad, additionally it actually disuades me from buying a Toyota since I wonder about Toyota other choices.
There sound is evil. Sounds like something from a horror movie.
I like it, it makes it sound futuristic.
The sound is very annoying and got progressely louder. Not to mention the sound was not disclosed to me when I bought it. I took the car back to the dealership 2 days later. I thought something was wrong with the vehicle.
I say it is more of a space age sound. When I put my 2022 Rav 4 in reverse I say I’m activating my spaceship and getting ready to blast of!!!
see now that's the right mind set. Who wants the beep back anyway? so 2011.
We have a 2022 RAV4 limited Hybrid and the sound is not annoying or troubling at all. The first drive home ended with my wife backing into the garage and me wondering about the noise but quickly figured out it was only during reversing and was to alert someone of approaching vehicle, it caught my attention.
Oh my!! My Toyota RAV4 XLEPremium Hybrid is on order! How funny will that be for my neighbors. This also is my first hybrid but a long time RAV fan and driver.
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Hi Renate, I really appreciate the comment. To us writers these type of comments make us want to write more. I really appreciate your support.
I found the Tesla model 3 has the coolest sound for reversing. It's sound like an alien ship is coming by. Take your RAV4 then instead of a steady annoying tine, wobble it like the speaker is going in and out from you.
Absolutely do not like it-would definitely rather have the beeping noise The “growling” noise is AWFUL!!!
I thought this was a transmission problem the first day. No one knows that it’s a backup warning, as they would with a beep. So not only annoying but ineffective as well.
It is a smart thing to do. It also makes the noise going forward up to 20 mph but to a lower level.
I have a 2023 Toyota highlander hybrid and I really like the angelic choir sound.
Apparently you and I are one of the few who like it.
The first time I reversed my rav4 hybrid, I was certain there was something wrong with it because that sound is atrocious. I thought "there's no way someone is stupid enough to make this sound deliberate". I was wrong. It's not angelic in the least, it sounds like my $40k rav is on the verge of death.
to me it sounds like the second coming but I honestly don't have any problems with it.
It's been a standard "feature" since the model redesign in 2019, nothing new. Also if anyone can confuse that sound with "something wrong with the car" they have no clue about mechanical movement.
my initial thoughts however you'd be surprised at just how many people have been flooding forums asking if this was a problem.
The sound is terrible, embarrassing! I will figure a way to disable it!!
We just got home from purchasing a 2021 RAV4 Hybrid Limited. While my husband was backing up, we heard the noise for the first time. We were not told anything about it when we purchased it. My feelings, I hate it. To me it’s sounds like something is very wrong with the car. If I heard the noise before we purchased it, I would think twice about buying it!
My neighbor across the straight from me purchased a RAV4 hybrid. When I first heard it sounded like a slipping fan belt. After a while it was fingers scratching on chalkboard, a little later I couldn’t be outside except with fingers in my ears when he backs up. It’s awful, an obvious case of noise pollution. The thing is, it’s one thing to make noise, but it’s another one, like this RAV4, that is so loud that I even have to do the finger in the ear thing at 250 feet away in my backyard in the hot tub, this is not angelic, this is approaching hell making my blood boil every time. And I’m slightly deaf…