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Bears Workshop Has Another Lucid Motors Delivery Update

Lucid Motors deliveries are a hot topic for LCID stock shareholders and shorters. Bears Workshop just provided another Lucid Factory Drone flyover that saw over 130 Lucid Airs Find out what that could mean here.

Bear’s Workshop has been covering the Lucid Motors Deliveries via Drone footage and his most recent post saw 130 Lucid Air Vehicles in the lot. What this means is that Lucid Motors is ramping up their production and more customers are starting to receive their vehicles. More customers that are on the road, more potential exposure for drivers on the roads and on social media.

Why Does Lucid Motors Deliveries Matter So Much?

The deliveries matter for the short term price movement of LCID stock. It would be a really great sign to see Lucid deliver their estimated 577 Lucid Airs, as they predicted would be accomplished by the end of 2021.

Since Lucid got off to a slow start on production in 2021 and had an issue with a missing part, many investors and Lucid shorters are betting big that Lucid did not meet their projected goal. If in fact they do meet their goal, then we could see a short squeeze as shorts that are interested in shorting Lucid's stock are paying over 60% fee to do so. When shorts do start to cover their positions, Lucid’s stock will start to rise, which will result in other shorts having to start covering their position. I have been reiterating the possibility of a short squeeze for Lucid for a few weeks now. I want investors to understand the possibility that a short squeeze could happen if indeed Lucid accomplishes their deliveries.

Next Up For Lucid

The two next important articles of information that Lucid Shareholders and Lucid shorters need to know is the 13F which will give the exact information on if the PIF sold their shares during the lockup. The volume did not indicate that the largest Lucid Motors shareholder sold any of their shares in their position. For more information on that, I did an in depth article on the PIF lockup here: The PIF Shares Unlocked Today for Lucid Motors.

The next piece of information is the Quarter 4 delivery numbers. That Earning Call for Lucid Motors is set for 2/21/22, which will almost certainly be the day Lucid announces their delivery numbers. If you are a Lucid Shareholder, I would recommend writing these two important pieces of information down because it is going to be a wild next couple of weeks for Lucid stock.

My Final Thoughts

Lucid Motors may trade stagnant for a little while until we do find out more information about the deliveries and the PIF lockup expiration. Last week's trading sessions did not indicate any PIF selling, but that 13F will be very important for investors and institutions to know for sure. Institutions love certainty, so the 13F will be spread on Twitter, StockTwits and other social media platforms.

As for deliveries, I am on record many times on Twitter, and Youtube stating that I believe Lucid Motors has a great chance of exceeding deliveries and nothing has changed. Bears Workshop's Youtube Channel and Twitter updates has provided Lucid investors and enthusiasts with a lot of great footage over the Lucid Factory. This give Lucid Investors and Lucid Investor accounts with a great deal of information of Lucid Motors production and manufacturing.

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Image credit: Courtesy of Lucid Motors.

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I wonder how many of these Lucids they'll be selling at the $170,000 price point? Buyers will need to take out a 30 year mortgage, but will a Lucid last 30 years?
Something tells me someone buying a $170,000 car is not getting a traditional car loan. Let alone a mortgage! High rollers.