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Lucid's Latest Partnership Delivers Five-Star Luxury

Deal with Rosewood Sand Hill resort provides test drives and extra amenities for Lucid owners.

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Lucid Motors has partnered with Rosewood Sand Hill resort to showcase its EV wizardry in Menlo Park, California.

Resort guests will have the ability to test drive or simply go for a ride in a Lucid Air with hotel staff in the hotel's dramatic northern California surroundings. Reports indicate that Lucid will provide Rosewood Sand Hill with a pair of Lucid Air Tourings in the hopes of drawing more customers to the brand.

Image of the Lucid Air Touring as seen from above with its glass roof stretching to the back of the passenger cabin.

The Air Touring boasts a pair of Lucid's proprietary motors for 620 horsepower and a EPA range of up to 425 miles. Lucid says that the Touring can take on 200 miles worth of charge in just 15 minutes.

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Lucid Owners Preferred
The second arm of Lucid's deal with the luxury resort involves people who have already put their money down and bought a Lucid Air. Lucid owners will receive complimentary accommodation upgrades (availability permitting), a $100 hotel credit, local wine, access to all hotel amenities and free WiFi access. Do hotels that start at $1000 a night really nickel and dime their guests over internet access? Not a worry for you, Mr. or Mrs. Lucid Owner.

Rosewood Sand Hill is a five-star luxury resort located near the Santa Cruz mountains; an ideal place for customers to test out the California-designed Lucid Air. The Air features interior schemes named for the Santa Monica, Santa Cruz, Mojave and Tahoe areas with renewable woods and fabrics throughout.

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Images by Lucid Motors licensed by CC BY 4.0.

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