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Lucid Stock Rebounds After Three Day Slump

Four days out from reaching the milestone of its first customer deliveries, Lucid's stock price has started to climb again.

Lucid's price has been volatile over the past week, with the announcement of the Lucid Rally and its inaugural customer deliveries, as well as positive reviews praising the Air Dream Edition's engineering, technology, range, and power, sending the stock as much as 35% higher in value by the end of last week.

The rally continued by another 9% to $40.08 early on Monday before the slump began, likely attributable to shareholders cashing in their chips to take a profit.

Graph showing Lucid's stock price gaining ground for the first time in three days.

From there it was down, down, down; falling to $36.53 by the end of trading on Monday and onwards to a low of $33.48 around noon on Tuesday.

The Climb
Things looked a little more optimistic this morning with LCID opening at $34.23 and hitting a high of $37.38 on its way to a 4% gain on the day to close at $36.54.

Do you think the sellers will be punished for their hubris with a swift return to Monday's highs, or are your feelings more aligned with the stunningly bearish sentiments of Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas, who on Tuesday doubled down on his $12.00 price target for the stock citing the influx of retail investors over institutional?

Let us know in the comments below and check back daily with Torque News for all the latest developments from the world of Lucid Motors.

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