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Lucid Is Increasing Production Capacity With Hiring Event This Weekend

With production of the flagship Air Dream Edition nearing its end and AMP-1 gearing up for Air GT production, Lucid is looking to add to its staff for overnight production and logistics management.

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Lucid is growing again, and is holding a hiring event in Casa Grande this weekend to add more production and logistics staff to its workforce. The hiring drive aims to add workers to Lucid's "second shift" which runs overnight from 5.30 pm-4.00 am. The positions include medical/dental/vision benefits, stock awards, and there's a $1000 sign-on bonus for anyone offered a job on the day of the event. The company operates a hiring center about three miles from the AMP-1 factory to handle such events. Lucid's production workers, like those at Tesla and Rivian, are not part of the UAW or any other union, though the organization is reportedly working on plans to bring EV workers into the fold.

Image showing Lucid's hiring ad as seen on the Pinal NOW! Facebook page.AMP-1 Expansion
There are a couple of factors in play that would require Lucid to swell its ranks, and the first is the ongoing expansion of its Advanced Manufacturing Plant. As we've seen in previous flyovers from Bear's Workshop, said expansion is well underway and once completed will give Lucid an extra 2.85 million square feet of production space which will be essential if the company is to hit its target of producing 90,000 vehicles a year by the end of 2023.

Image showing an overhead view of Lucid's sprawling AMP-1 production facility.Air GT Production
Production of the Air GT, one step below the Dream Edition in Lucid's hierarchy, is another reason that Lucid needs more bodies in its factory. With production of the 520-mile Dream Edition drawing to a close Lucid is setting its sights on the first Air variant to be produced in significant numbers. Rumors are circulating that this production could commence sooner rather than later, with deliveries beginning within the next couple of months.

Delivery Delays
Lucid has faced problems from "fit and finish" parts recently, which has caused delivery delays for some Dream Edition customers and will want to start producing as many cars as possible ASAP. With stories of Lucid flying employees out to parts suppliers in order to physically carry components back to AMP-1 and Bear's flyovers showing that they aren't exactly churning Airs out by the hundred, Lucid will be eager to play catch-up on its production numbers before the Q4 earnings call on February 21st. Taking on more production staff this weekend will hopefully help the company do just that. Lucid recently released OTA update 1.1.4, which adds DreamDrive functions previously missing from the Air.

Imaged by Lucid Motors licensed by CC BY 2.0.

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