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You can help North American Honda name its newest crossover

While our friend at Autoblog and Temple of V-TEC speculate as to Honda’s name for the North American rendition of the Vezel, Torque News invites you to share your thoughts with American Honda Motors. Help name CR-V s baby brother or sister.


Sunday auto news is a guessing game at best and a filler addition for many publications. The weekends, especially those void of auto shows and racing events leave most writers digging for a clue or two as to what the week may bring.

Sunday night, while digging through the internet for fresh Asian, European spawned Acura or Honda development news, I came across a meaningless tid-bit generated by our friends at Autoblog.

Don’t take this the wrong way, we enjoy Autoblog from time to time. Generally articles generated by Noah Joseph and others are fact filled and helpful, photo - rich and non -bias. Generally.

Sunday, Noah latched onto a rumor that he picked up through the “Temple of VTEC,” an owner’s forum that Honda reporters peruse on a rather regular basis. Someone at the Temple of V shared with Noah that the North American, made in Mexico Vezel would be labeled the HR-V. And despite American Honda Motors unwillingness to commit to the name, Noah decided to run with it.

We've received positive feedback from our readers as to the pending mini-crossover.

While we believe that the CR-V fits the ticket for an affordable small SUV, we've read more than a few comments calling for a pint-sized crossover offering exceptional mileage and coupe-like handling characteristics. What America want's America gets. Tell Honda what you want.

Torque News invites you to comment in the thread below, by sharing with Honda your chosen name for the 2015 Fit based crossover. What would you name the 2015 Fit based crossover? Will our friends at Honda corporate take heed? Perhaps, they have in the past.


Roger Robbins (not verified)    April 7, 2014 - 8:22PM

My name for the Honda would be Stamina Elite. Honda is known for it's durable cars. So Stamina shows first class production with the end result a car built to last. Elite shows this model is above all others and in a class of it's own.