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The Year of Honda continues with 2015 SEMA Show Las Vegas

2015 “The Year of Honda” continues at 2015 SEMA Show Las Vegas with a couple of exciting reveals.

Honda Motor Company is arguably the most diverse automotive manufacturer on the planet. The world’s largest gasoline engine builder, motorcycle manufacturer, # 4 for auto brands in North America, and arguably -- the most reliable boat engine builder in the world.

Oh yes, and then there’s the Honda Jet, Robotics, and the best selling retail car lineup in the U.S.

What could be more fitting than for American Honda Motors and Honda Power Sports to dominate the floor of the 2015 SEMA Show Las Vegas? Nothing really, and that’s what Honda is promising attendees for the world's-biggest aftermarket exposition, scheduled to hit Las Vegas in force November 3-6, 2015.

2016 Ridgeline Desert Runner Concept

We caught an Instagram photo of Torque News friend and Honda public relations ‘ guy on the go’ Davis Adams blowing through the California Mojave Desert in what looked to be our favorite, and arguably the most underrated V6 Touring Coupe on the market today.

Unlike us, Davis has access to some of the coolest concepts rolling out of Torrance today, his daily driver is a H.P.D. built Honda S2000. Such will be the case when the (they're calling it a 2016 model) 2017 Honda Ridgeline Desert Racing Concept is revealed on the Sema Floor, Davis will see it before we do.

This will be the world’s first real-time reveal of the design directive of Honda’s next Ridgeline offering. We’ll see how radical H.P.D. Race developement takes the next generation Ridgeline as Honda reenters the off-road racing arena. Baja 1000 anyone?

Torque News is further informed that as first predicted here in early 2014, four customized 2016 Honda HR-V ‘tuner’ crossovers will take to the SEMA floor. We reported on the Honda Fit project in 2014, could 2016 HR-V be the perfect build-platform for Honda’s next hot - hatchback?

Hey Civic fans, not everyone wants a Civic. Although, this Type-R hatchback will be very cool when released to U.S. market sometime in early 2017.

Can you say 2017 CR-Z Turbo? I knew you could

We drove the Honda Performance Development prepared 2014 Honda CR-Z in San Diego. Honda’s much underrated compact sport 2 place has been much panned by the critics for a missing ponnie or two under the hood. We anticipate the 2017 CR-Z to arrive at SEMA without its historic hybrid propulsion, wearing a turbocharger.

We could be wrong here, but looking to Honda’s new manufactured in the U.S. lineup of turbocharged Earth Dreams ™ mills, we see very little point in extending this hybrid 2-place into the future.

Let’s not leave the Bikes and Side by Sides out of the picture

looking to the program: Honda Power Sports is coming to SEMA in force. 2015 is lining up to be a great year for Honda with the most dynamic street, off road motorcycle and side by side lineup in the company’s 6 decade history.

We look forward to revisiting the all new Pioneer 1000 side by side while drooling on the $100,000 Moto G.P. Race Replica. For Indy-fans, Honda promises a race car or two on the show floor.

Whipe those tears away Civic fans

We’ve seen it, now you can too! 2016 Civic Sedan, and 2016 Pilot Elite will be showcased in all its custom accessorized glory. What Honda did for this accessorized 2016 Accord Coupe, it will do for Civic and Pilot, with parts available through your neighborhood Honda Dealer. We reported on personalizing 2016 Civic here, check it out.

2015 “The Year of Honda” continues at 2015 SEMA Show Las Vegas, on the road to the Los Angeles Auto Show, we hope to see you there.