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Exclusive: American Honda responds to Civic Type R rumors

With persistent ongoing rumors of a Honda Type R destined for North America once again circulating the internet, we thought we’d check in with our source at American Honda Motor Company for an answer or two.

Without question Honda fans would like the opportunity to purchase the British manufactured 2015 Honda Type R, or something like it. As reported by TorqueNews earlier in 2014, the 4th generation Civic Type R when it hits the streets of Europe will arguably be the baddest out of the box Honda-Sport built to date. Problem is ‘Type R’ doesn't swim and it most likely doesn't meet stringent U.S. safety and EPA emission standards; it’s a “regional market” thing.

Once again rumors of a Type R or at the least, a Civic-Sport variant equipped with the coveted 2.0 Liter high output Turbocharged “EarthDreams” mill is circulating the internet. This time thanks to a speculative piece published through Spanish site M&R, dreams of Type R realities dance through one’s head like rum soaked sugar plumbs at a New Year’s eve party.

We talk to Chris Martin of American Honda

When I asked Chris to confirm this latest round of Type R rumors, he told me I wouldn't like his answer. Fair enough, Chris know’s I’m a Honda aficionado on the hunt for substantiation of statement; Chris only knows what he knows…

According to P.R. guy Chris Martin: While Honda certainly does hold a Turbocharged 2.0 Liter “EarthDreams” engine in it’s world- engine arsenal, no plans for the sale of, or inclusion of the 2.0 Liter Turbo is (currently) scheduled as an option for any Honda car or light trucks manufactured in or imported to the U.S..

Furthermore, any news of a pending product modification, option or introduction of a new car model to U.S. markets prior to an official announcement from Honda Motors should be considered nothing more than a rumor. * He didn't say no.

Here’s what we know: When we look to new technology in automotive propulsion engineering, supercharging or turbocharging is currently the most fuel efficient and lowest emissions method of producing exceptional mid range torque and high rpm horsepower from a small block engine.

Also, due to higher running temperatures and recirculated exhaust gases, today’s turbocharged engines are on path to low to zero exhaust emissions. Thanks to today’s light alloy engine components and extreme low friction piston to cylinder wall interface, turbocharged high compression race-type engines now approach the life expectancy of a normally aspirated engine.

Also: When we look to gasoline hybrid technology a small turbocharged engine is ideal in reducing exhaust emissions while producing high torque in tandem with today’s electric motor integrated CVT driven sport-sedans and eventual high efficiency light trucks.

In my opinion we will see turbocharged engine options for American Honda in the not too distant future. 2016? That remains an unknown.

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Good Day Parks. Have you had the opportunity to drive a Type R? If so what was your impression? From what I have read about it, one bad ass car. Couple of caveats keep coming up. It ain't gonna be cheap, (albeit a good performance value) and it has got a pretty harsh/stiff ride, (of course for sake of handling). The latter makes me wonder if it would be a good choice as a daily commuter. "Stiff ride" is a subjective term, so I imagine some would not be bothered by it and find the ride perfectly acceptable. From what I have read, for us, "older" folk, , after the initial, "Rush" wears off the ride may become old. My guess is if they brought a variant of some sort over the pond, initially anyway, Honda would sell them as fast as they come of the assembly line. You would think that would offset the investment necessary to make them State's legal, can't figure that one out. Talk about an out of the box ultimate pocket rocket, this would be it. One can only hope, (what's your guess, I would assume sooner or later). Be Well.
Good day JeffS. No I haven't crossed the pond (this year) to drive the Type R. Priced at 30,000 pounds sterling, this beast would approach $50,000 if imported and sold in the U.S.. Yes the suspension is race car stiff, and is inspired if not co developed by Italian Andrea Adamo of Honda's European WTCC series race partner, No daily commuter here JeffS. Read more about the Civic racing program here http://hondaracingwtcc.com/?p=296.
Afaik the price was £38,599, that's nearly £40,000! A bit too expensive for a fast fwd hatchback imo.
Welcome Jean. Lofty price tag! But what do we compare this car to? If we look to a comparable rally prepared BMW, Peugeot, Etc, the price tag fits the segment. Thanks for sharing.
Hi, Jean. Can't speak to other Markets around the world, but what I can tell you is here in the states, One of Honda's, (and Acura's), strong suits is, "For the money" one gets allot, in many cases, a whole lot, of car for the money. If the Type R ever shows up on our shores, in our Market my guess is it will be, "expensive", but also a, "bargain" in relative terms. Another consideration, when looking at overall cost of ownership, (the real yardstick by which to judge a car's economy, or lack there of), Honda always seems to be somewhere at the top of the list when it comes to, " inexpensive cost of ownership". I've owned 2 Honda's and 2 Acura's and currently a '14 SI, so far nothing but routine maintenance required and the 4 I previously owned had well above 160,000 miles and still going strong, when I got rid of them. In all fairness, one of the Acuras I owned was a second gen CL and there were some hiccups on that one, but addressed, resolved and taken care of at Acura's expense with no kicking and screaming necessary on my behalf. That in of itself speaks volumes. I've had Toyota issues, for example, and it was like pulling teeth, or got no satisfaction at all.
Hey Parks, after looking about regarding the new Type R, Honda went from an independent rear to a torsion beam? Any idea why. Hopefully more than a cost consideration @ the asking price, (if it is purely cost cutting I think that's a huge mistake by Honda). My understanding is that there would be no dynamic advantage to this. I must be missing something.
How ya doing JeffS ? On some Honda Hatchback models,this is done to increase the rear interior volume or facilitate a flat rear deck when rear seat is folded in the down position. As to cost consideration, doubt it. Also, in a pure racing application, the trade off could result in a stiffer cornering trajectory and a bit less under or over steer. Although a bit of rear trailing tire-hop could occur.(jussss guessing.) I'll check in with Honda R&D when I find a minute.
"Thanks". When you happen to be grilling R&D for another article, I know you keep yourself more than busy. I am really curious and it does strike me as odd, on the face of it seems bass ackwards. There must be a reason given Honda's engineering excellence. Always eager to learn something. Be Well.
Will do JeffS, Thanks.
Had the original Si Hatch back a loooong time ago. Wanted another hatch but I got tired of waiting for Honda and having them yank our chain. Bought a GLA45 AMG. Good everyday drive,, unbelievable acceleration, and handling. Too expensive? What would a Type R cost? One of the reasons they have for not bring it to the US Modern turbos. They are something. I like to see more.
I sincerely hope that Honda at least would put the 2.0 turbo in the 10th gen North America Civic if they are unwilling to bring the Euro rocket version here.. If not, I imagine they are going to loose some interested by folks such as myself, I have who has always been a Honda and Acura fan and I am now looking for a replacement in next year or two. If Honda fails to produce I will take a hard look at either the 2016 Focus RS, the next gen WRX if its closer to the concept vehicle, or maybe the Golf R.
All great performance cars Jeff. I recommend that you closely study the choices before purchasing. As to a Honda turbo in the near future? looks like it! When we study the EarthDreams engine lineup, we find two. If not in the Civic we look to the HR-V hatchback crossover to offer it as an option for 2016.