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Why you’re seeing so many new generation Honda Civics on the road

Well over 500,000 10th generation Honda Civics were sold to the Honda loyal in its first 18 months of production. Civic’s sales success comes from much more than a favorable price point.

500,000 vehicle sold is a huge milestone for any compact sedan or coupe in a market dominated by crossovers and SUVs. To put the number into perspective, many manufacturers are happy to reach that goal with their entire brand offering in the U.S.,. As of this writing, 2017 Honda Civic remains the #1 selling retail customer selling compact car in the U.S.. What makes Civic so popular?

Perhaps just a bit Honda Civic obsessed

Granted, on my return from driving the reinvented 2017 Civic Si across the Mojave Desert of Southern California, I’m a bit pumped as to the performance drive dynamic, standard feature rich drive and ride experience presented by the 10th generation Honda Civic. This European coupe and sedan continues to buck the SUV trend.

A big part of Honda Civic success is line-up diversity

It’s a bit mind boggling: The present Honda Civic lineup is arguably the most diverse in the compact car segment -- offering coupe, hatchback, and sedan variants in several trim variations. While there are cheaper offerings available from Chevrolet, Kia, Nissan, Mazda, and others, when Torque News looks to the standard and optional features packaging that is the 10th generation Honda Civic lineup, none of the competition beats Honda Civic value. How’s 10th generation Civic Touring on the road? Honda_Civic_Sport_Grill_McCants

2017 Civic: Normally aspirated, turbocharged, CVT, manual 6-speed, dynamic body styling, and more

We’re not here to sell Civic. However, I’d be remiss in ignoring the exceptional world-car that Civic has become. No longer an entry-level compact offering as to MSRP, when one takes into account Civic’s estimated resale value, segment topping fuel efficiency, best in class crash safety ratings, wide body interior comfort, and measurable drive and ride street performance, there is little question as to why Civic continues to set monthly and annual sales records; despite market trends, cheap fuel, and competing brand manufacturing purchased incentives. Want a Civic hatchback with deep sport tendency? Read on.

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