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How to shop Black Friday sales for Honda Civic

While other auto makers scramble to take advantage of Black Friday you aren't likely to find deep discounts offered on 2015 Honda Civic, but we have found a few remaining 2014s on sale. Torque News looks to the numbers.


Ask any semi-pro shopper in your Family,Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year and follows Thanksgiving Day in the U.S..

Historically, many car and truck dealerships do participate in the shopping frenzy but you won't find Walmart or Target-like deep discounts at your favorite Honda dealer; although a few are advertising Black Friday sales events; here’s why.

Looking to a handful of Western United States Honda dealerships( I won’t name them because they didn't bother returning my phone call) we find the few advertising Black Friday discounts are fishing on the internet with inflated MSRPs.

We do find a deal or two in searching the West Coast. Example: 20144 Honda EX with CVT in San Leandro ,Ca., sports an MSRP of $19,980, about $2100 under suggested MSRP of $21,090; That’s not a bad discount. However a 2104 is effectively one model year old. A 2015 Honda Civic EX( if you can find one in stock) is only $100 more than a 2014 model; see where I’m going with this?

That’s what Black Friday sales originated for; dumping over-stock,model year residual stock and used cars. You really want to pay attention to the bottom line when buying a new, previous model year offering. We strongly suggested researching on line prior to visiting your car lot of choice.

Special lease incentives,0.9% financing, graduate and military incentives can sweeten the deal a bit.

We know that Civic holds one of the highest residual(resale)values in the industry, but there are limits. If you intend to keep your ride for the long term, you will most likely absorb the 20% drive-off depreciation on your new 2014 Civic; most likely.

Here’s the math

For those fortunate enough to graduate from college while or after serving in the military, Honda will discount your new Civic $500 to $1000 over your final negotiated price with the dealership.

Looking to the calendar

We find that Black Friday falls at the end of November. You may expect to negotiate another 5 to 10% off of the list price of your new 2014 Honda Civic. So, depending on your credit score, cash position or trade in value, you may qualify for Honda’s “Holiday Savings Sale Event” finance rate of .09%..

looking to the numbers Torque News believes that there may be a 2014 Honda Civic sitting out there on Black Friday with your name on it for under $18,500.. Let us know if you find one.

Tells about your Honda buying experience. Your thought provoking (civil) comment is always welcomed at TorqueNews.