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We drive 2016 Civic Sedan Touring 1.5 L Turbo [Video]

Torque News puts Honda’s latest and greatest Civic offering through its paces.

For 2016 American Honda Motor Company introduced the first turbocharged Civic in the mark's 43 year history. To date, Honda fans new and returning to the brand have embraced the 10th generation Civic, purchasing 87,300 or so in the first quarter of 2016. With sales up 28% over the same period last year, 2016 Honda Civic is a qualified sales success.

Great, how’s it drive?

We're with you! Hype is hype, and for us, sitting behind the wheel and pushing the pedal to the metal is the litmus test when it comes to a new car review. While 2016 Civic Sedan is arguably the best looking, high-tech-rich, standard feature leader in the compact sedan class, without decent drive and ride dynamics, who cares?

After all, Civic’s day of entry-level pricing and sub compact size classification is a decade behind us. So for us and past Honda loyal, Civic must bring more to the compact sedan segment than exceptional fuel economy and a very cool Euro design cue. Read our latest Civic drive review here.

European inspired design and performance

The up-sized 10th generation Civic goes for the jugular of the European just south of premium performance sedan; and does so exceptionally well; for $ thousands less. We find this car to be a great departure from Civic offerings of the past, have driven both the Sedan and Coupe, and look forward to the arrival of the 2017 Civic Hatchback in the fall of this year.

Torque News found the base model 2.0 liter, 6 speed manual transmission Civic LX fun to drive.It’s a great year for Honda and Honda fans.

Take a ride with Torque News as we discover the reinvented 2016 Civic Sedan Touring