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Video reveals cheap off road performance modifications for Jeep Wrangler

Andrew from T&A Automotive loves his 2007 Jeep Wrangler. Built on a budget utilizing several sources, Andrew walks us through his project in detail, revealing several cheap off road performance modifications for Jeep Wrangler.


Who doesn’t love Jeep? The Jeep brand is pretty much ingrained in the automotive history of the U.S., and is the #1 exported U.S. car brand to China. My first car project as a 13 year old, was a resurrected CJ 2 military Jeep, rescued from the city dump. I’ve been hooked ever since. How about an armor plated Jeep.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, there’s no shortage of Jeeps, mostly Wranglers. We see suspension lifted, big tire rolling, roof rack outfitted, mild, and not so mild, off road modified Jeeps running the streets, highways, and off paved road regions of Oregon, Washington state, and throughout all rural regions of North America. Check out the history of the Jeep brand here.

That used Jeep’s cheap but it ain’t free

Because these military vehicle civilian offshoots remain in high demand, that choice used Jeep doesn’t come cheap. So, once that doaner Jeep rolls of the used car lot, how much does it cost to off road modify your Jeep, can it be done on the cheap? Phase one for most Jeep builds begins with the suspension, followed by air intake and exhaust modifications. I’ll take my Jeep in EV trim.

Me, I have a buddy that took his CJ to rock crawling specifications, differential change out, lockers, rockers, extreme high travel suspension work, full body protection roll cage, and more. His was a $100,000 + dollar build, your Jeep build needn't be expensive and radical to be cool. SEMA Las Vegas is the Mecca of radical off road Jeep builds.

In the video, Andrew drops a component price or two, as well as his parts source of choice. I’m going to step out on a ledge here and assume that Andrew did most of the work himself. Of course there's a difference between affordable, "cheap" and reasonable. Good luck with your parts hunt! Looking to Andrew's Wrangler, it's ready for some serious off road adventure.

Modifying your Jeep on the cheap

In the following Video, Andrew of T&A Automotive takes viewers on a comprehensive walk around of his relatively affordable 2007 Jeep Wrangler X Limited modification project. I appreciate Andrew’s detailed explanation of the ins and outs of lifting his Jeep. There’s a bit more to it than one might anticipate when ordering that mild lift kit. Check it out.

Photo attributions go to Auto Unlimited. * See the SEMA link above for more Jeep photos.