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Rumors of imported European Civic Hatch for North America

It’s no surprise that North American Honda fans wish for the return of a sport-tuned hatchback.
Could the U.S. and Canada see the return of the iconic compact Civic hatchback as soon as 2016?

Looking to The news of March 19, we find an article penned by these guys speculating on the import of a European built Honda Civic hatchback to the United States. The reasoning here is that with European sales of the iconic hatchback tanking, and factory production reduced to 40%, the U.S.and Canada may be a viable market for the overproduced and under appreciated European hatch.

We received an email this morning from our friends in Spain wishing to talk about this development, specifically the Honda Type-R. Torque News has covered this developing story for well over a year, with little to “no comment” coming from our qualified source at American Honda Motors.

While anything’s possible, looking to the events of the past 3 years, Honda remains committed to ‘“regionalizing” manufacturing, distribution and sales. Looking to Honda’s present North American lineup Torque News discovers that all but one model offered through the Honda and Acura brand is designed and manufactured in Canada, the U.S. or Mexico. And, with Honda firing up turbocharged engine manufacturing in the U.S.,Torque News finds it unlikely that Honda will be importing a European built hatchback anytime soon.

With the soon to arrive 2016 Honda HR-V crossover, and the pending injection of an Ohio manufactured turbocharged engine for a near-future Civic Si, the speculation as to an imported European Civic hatchback seems unlikely, to us anyway.

Honda has responded to these rumors as simply that, “rumors.”’ Torque News will take a wait and see attitude as fans ponder the import of the European Civic Hatchback, hopefully the Type-R; we’ll see.