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Honda takes explosive precautionary measures with 5 model year recall

While the headline may be a bit sensational, possible airbag deployment, faulty braking and now the possibility of fire and resulting explosion has initiated the 3rd voluntary Odyssey recall in as many months. We believe Honda may be a bit too cautionary this time around.

We’re all for safety at Torque News and applaud Honda for a very pro-active policy of consumer “safety first.”

However, we along with the 2 million or so Odyssey owners caught up in an ongoing and at times, seemingly endless stream of ongoing recalls, have to ask, why has the #1 selling minivan in North America been voluntarily recalled by Honda for the 4th month running?

First brought to our attention Saturday by Reuter's News Service, 886,815 Odysseys built in Lincoln Alabama between 2005-2010 will be included in a voluntary recall; relating to the “possible” chemically induced degradation of a plastic composite fuel filter screen.

As noted in the Friday 13 NHTSA recall filed in cooperation with Honda, while remote, testing conducted by Honda has determined that under certain conditions a small plastic fuel strainer provide by Japanese owned Donso Corporation could fail, resulting in fire and possible injury.

Honda has stated that due to the volume of this particular recall, repair parts will not be available to dealers prior to Summer 2014.

In the meantime, (a bit confusing) according to Reuters, an interim part will be provided to consumers by dealers, with notification going out to Odyssey owners April 1.


Alexi (not verified)    March 15, 2014 - 7:40PM

Is Honda going to start having new "Toyota" days regarding to safety due to this enormous recall? I wonder will this strengthen or tarnish its safety?

Parks McCants    March 15, 2014 - 8:12PM

In reply to by Alexi (not verified)

Thanks for asking Alexi. As you may know the Honda Odyssey minivan is the highest safety rated, best selling minivan in North America. However, the Odyssey has been plagued with an unprecedented rash of "voluntary" recalls in recent months. Note the word voluntary. To date, Honda has no consumer reporting of failing brakes, injury due to the early deployment of airbags or fire; as a result of a failing fuel strainer.

Will this news have a negative impact on sales numbers? We'll see. I'm confident that more than a handful of Odyssey owners are a bit perturbed by this latest recall.