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Good Housekeeping Magazine likes Honda Odyssey built-in vacuum

What can we say. A clean minivan is a happy minivan. In the 2014 Honda Odyssey Tour Elite you will find the option of a built in vacuum cleaner. For that innovation Honda is awarded Good Housekeeping Magazine’s VIP award.

Granted, American Honda Motors’ trophy room grows top-heavy with a wide array of performance, product innovation and quality related awards and accolades; to the point of where our readers are most likely screaming for a bit of comic relief.

Well here you go dear friends. Honda has just been awarded a VIP (Very Innovative Products) award by domestic mainstay Good Housekeeping Magazine. 6 innovations were picked by G.H. out of thousands presented; only one was automotive related; a built in 12 volt vacuum cleaning system in the rear cargo space of the 2014 Odyssey Tour Elite.

Yes we know, you installed one in your Ford Econoline Van back in the1980s.

None the less, Good Housekeeping's “seal of approval” is coveted and does drive sales in the market place. While this may not appear to be a great stride in automotive development, the message is very clear. Honda has taken convenience and utility to new heights with this latest minivan improvement.

Now come on, stop laughing; you know you've always wanted a built in vacuum system in the rear of your minivan or crossover. It’s one of those low -tech yet very useful "no brainer" innovations that we all wish we had thought of. So, let’s move on to what it does and doesn't do.

According to American Honda Motor Co., the built in vacuum cleaner will run for 8 minutes after turning off the keys. This allows the end user to clean up a bit behind the exiting soccer team, men or girl’s night out; without going through the hassle of pulling the Shop- Vac and cord out of the garage or storage. And, without the engine running. We like this feature.

What it won’t do is replace the vacuum power of a 1.5 horsepower 110 volt Shop-Vac. But it does have a greater pick-up capacity and a longer run-time than any handheld known to Torque News- Honda on the market today.

We like the very neat and well organized pull down cabinet housing the vacuum system. It would be great to take its development a bit further with a reverse mode for blow-up mattresses, beach balls, etc.

The vast majority of minivans are driven by mom or dad as they transport the family to and from school, sports and after school activities. Back in the day (old school) a Ford Econoline van did the job for many families in North America. And then came the Chrysler Town and Country, Voyager and Dodge Caravan. We don’t recall any of the aforementioned equipped with a built-in vacuum cleaner.

None the less it’s a great idea and is now available in North America’s best selling minivan.

For those interested in reading the 2014 Honda Odyssey specs you can find them here.