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Missing Android interface capability will stall 2014 Civic sales

Amid much fanfare, Honda and Google announced “HondaLink” smartphone like monitor capabilities of the 2014 Civic Ex and future 2015 Honda Fit. Sadly for many of us was the disclosure that while Apple would interface with the car, my Droid and Galaxy 3 will not.

First of all, while a touch screen dash monitor would be handy, I don’t need one. Talk about an accident waiting for a place to happen. Sure, many of the 2014 models including the Civic Ex, Si, Accord Lx and 2015 model Fit will be equipped with hands free voice activated “Siri” interface thanks to Apple. Hello… What about the rest of the planet? I, like many others am not an Apple Head. Our life ( good and bad) is P.C. interfaced. I like my Android based smartphone. The “ HondaLink” idea is a great hook, but I’ll wait for the Android upgrade.

In-fact, the Galaxy 3 outsold apple in the first quarter of 2013. O.K., I’m happy for those Iphone, Ipad users that will have a long loving electronic relationship with their 2014 Civic; starting today. The rest of us, according to Honda, will have to wait until mid 2014 to “hook up.”

I believe that Honda's apparent oversight in the timely development of an Android based compatibility will impact first and second quarter sales; as tech conscious consumers wait for the upgrade.

Why would the 8th largest automotive manufacturer on the planet link up with Apple? Good question. Apple R&D must have something in their back pocket that there just not talking about. As to Google? we know what they have. Google has been driving a remotely piloted car around San Mateo, Ca, for years.

My guess is that both of these high tech players have a deal in the works with Honda of North America to develop a track-able ( traffic flow) pattern stabilization interface. Think about it… As you know, your smartphone can be tracked anywhere on the planet. Now, we have auto manufacturer’s agreeing to integrate their navigation hard and software with the smartphone.

The implications here are staggering as well as sobering. Is big brother watching? You bet.

Back to that accident thing... Most folks find it tough enough to pay attention while driving in today’s stop and go traffic. Now, I don’t know if the touch screen will remain activated while the car is in the drive mode. And certainly, most responsible drivers will utilize voice and hands free interface with their new toy. However, there will be a handful that believe they have the capability to Skype or watch the news while driving. That will be interesting. I’m keeping my eye’s open. I suggest you do too.


Mike A (not verified)    December 3, 2013 - 11:04PM

Me too. Apple products aren't even all they are cracked up to be. They build hype and have a bunch of sheep who jump on everything. Bad move honda, go play with your apple buddies, I'm out.

Parks McCants    December 21, 2013 - 9:42PM

Thanks John and Mike for dropping by. I'm a P.C. guy living in an I pad, Mac pro family. I believe you hit the target John with a stall date as to the development of future Android ops phone connectivity. Soon..