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Did Honda's 2013 Civic and Fit earn Consumer Reports top ten reliability rating?

With industry wide accolades piled on the brand, it comes as little surprise to the Honda loyal that the 2013 Civic and Fit made Consumer Report's list for most reliable cars priced under $25,000. With a handful of short comings noted in both models, does Honda belong on the list?

Consumer reports has been around as long as this writer cares to remember. Back in the day I would grab a fat copy of the annual product guide from the grocery store and base a few of my buying decisions on the magazine’s tech rich product review. They'd done their research and combined real world testing with consumer polling; generating a comprehensive report for the reader’s benefit. A good value for $5.00 or so, the magazine was a great tool. Simply put, if it wasn't listed in the top ten of C.R’s consumer review, thousands of readers would not buy the product.

Honda's appeared on the list more than once. But with stiff competition in the small car sector, I must ask myself, does Civic and Fit belong on the "top 10" list for 2013?

The 2013 Honda Fit came in #2 on the list following the Scion xB. How C.R. arrived at the order of ranking, I couldn't tell you. While I’m not a big fan of the Fit’s cab forward design, I do appreciate the economy as well as the interior space and flexible utility. On the downside, I find the car to be the king of “ blind spots;” as to lane change and lower front end visibility.I’m also less than fond of the Fit’s harsh ride, interior road noise level and steering sensitivity.

While the car does offer a real world driving condition average mpg of 40+, you do trade off a bit of comfort for high fuel mileage and low average cost of ownership. With a suggested msrp of $16,020.00, C.R.rates the Fit a good value for the dollar. For those readers interested in the specifications, you can find them here.

Fit owners polled by Consumer Reports like the car for its generous standard features list and comfortable seating. Unlike me, most polled believe visibility to good, looking out of the Fit. This may be a height thing, I’m well over 6 ft tall. The majority of my Honda Fit friends are smaller woman. And, they love the car…

Number 6 on the list is the Civic EX. Consumer reports likes the Civic for the same reason that your Honda owning neighbor does. Priced with an msrp of $21609, the Ex as tested comes with a long list of factory options including a moonroof, upgraded stereo and climate control as well as too many standard features to list here. Add to the list a claimed real world average mpg of 29 and the Civic EX is a winner.

The 2013 Civic is once again tied for # 1 in light vehicle sales in North America with the Accord bringing up the rear at #2. As to reliability and performance, the 2014 Si will corner the pocket sports market next year, with the tamer EX filling the daily driver niche while not pressing the family budget.

Last week Honda Motor Company announced that manufacturing and sales in north America is up 8% over numbers recorded in 2012. The Civic and Fit are but two reasons Honda continues to lead the automotive industry in affordability, reliability and quality as we greet the final month of 2013, a great year for Honda.