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Man finds hidden art gem under mat of 10th Gen Honda Civic

It’s not a secret in Honda Circles, but fun just the same. While cleaning out his 2016 Honda Civic Coupe, Dr. P. Chimp discovered hidden art gem under a tray mat in his 10th Gen Honda Civic.

The best selling compact car on the market today comes off the lot with much innovation, ease of personal electronic connectivity, comfort and ride dynamic, not generally associated with what was at one time, an entry level coupe or sedan.

Such is the case with the 10th Gen Honda Civic, a car of many pleasant surprises. I’ve driven several new generation Civic in all variants and trim levels. Admittedly, my experience behind the wheel is more focused on the mechanical and ride dynamic aspects of Civic. Loaners are delivered to me by the manufacturer, vacuumed, washed and fully fueled; so, there’s little reason to probe around much, I’m here to drive. I recently drove Honda Civic Type-R on a thousand mile road trip.

Hondapro Jason gets a kick out of this hidden gem

It comes with every new Civic, yet few know of its existence, what is it? Looking to Civic’s deep center console bin, one finds ease a tray covered compartment that holds a small, hidden, Honda history lesson. On this particular Easter Egg, we learn of the history of Honda Motor Company. Born out of auto racing, the largest engine manufacturer on the planet, is also the world's largest motorcycle company. and an auto builder focused on long-term reliability, economy and safety.

When taking a moment to remove, and flip over the pliable, water proof, mini mat in the bottom of the bin, Dr. P Chimp and others discover a very cool surprise. The Honda aficionados refer to this little lesson in the history of the maker as an Easter Egg. I’m told the theme may vary from car to car, Our friend Hondapro Jason has collected several. What's under your Honda Civic mat?