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Ireland's found suitable purpose for U.S. built 2015 Honda, Acura NSX

Searching Asia and Europe’s World Wide Web channels for anything Honda can have its rewards. In Ireland we discovered a suitable purpose for the much anticipated 2015 Honda, Acura NSX.

A recent Torque News article gained traction in Europe. And with that came a unique and unexpectedly happy reunion with the my Irish roots. like most Americans, my family , as they say, “came from across the pond.” The most colorful characters of my extended clan came from the land of the Ire.

As was my Grandfather and his parents before him, my wife too is Irish.They have an interesting way about them. I refer to the true Irish with a respectful distance, for my lineage is that of an American Hybrid.

Tough as nails yet soft as Irish butter, the inhabitants of this small rock located in the North Irish Sea love driving and Motorsports. It’s in the blood as they say. A vagabond band of merry pranksters and serious heartfelt poets, Ireland and the Irish are like no other people on Earth. They can also be a wee bit long winded.

“ What are ya gettin’ at Parks?”

The home to Guinness Beer, Irish Soda Bread and Rockford Crystal does not manufacture it’s own automobile. Today most Irish drive Asian imports. The last time we were down there, we drove the Island in a Kia Rondo Hatchback. After adjusting to driving the car from the Right, shifting the gearbox to the left and driving on the wrong side of a mostly narrow road, Nancy and I fell in love with Ireland and the Irish people.

“Given the Bird” more than once by an irate Irish Trucker or two, kept us laughing as we navigated the “roundabouts” with the learners “L” blazoned across the rear hatch of the Rondo. Fond memories gained in this land of joyous drizzle, strong men and spirited women.

Missing the “Big Fry” and arguably the best beer on the planet, we shed a tear for a great people that will most likely never experience the wonder of the long awaited, built in Ohio Acura NSX.

No worries, the Irish have access to the Civic Type R Hatch, and other wonder’s we’ll never see in North America.

Go n-eírí an bóthar leat.

So as the Irish say… “ enjoy a bit of the crack” in watching Honda’s attempt at Irish humor.